Some may say that the first day of camp can be drab with all the safety talks and such, but this is a false notion. There was tons of fun had at Camp Merri-Mac today. We started out the day with a delicious breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage, and of course a large helping of singing fun songs. We then proceeded to chapel where we learned about the prodigal son and how His father wanted a personal relationship with him, as does Jesus with all of us.

After chapel, the girls got ready for their first day of classes. As I made my way around camp, I saw many excited faces and smiles. I passed by the Little Dipper porch hearing the notes of a Taylor Swift song being learned by the guitar and ukulele class. At the tennis courts the beginners were learning forehands and the advanced players were having an intense game of doubles Queen-of-the-Court. I saw impressive points played by Jill R., Kaitlyn R., Juliana R., and Tracy Z. I stopped by the traverse wall just in time to learn how to tie a figure eight follow through from sunnysiders Abby M. and Kate P.. I headed over to the dock to find the canoeing class singing the T-grip song to learn parts of the paddle, but there’s no surprise there – us Merri-Mac girls love to sing about anything and everything. They were learning all the parts of the boat and paddle, which is knowledge needed to gain a bronze bar in canoeing. The kayaking class was learning safety procedures and many were undoubtedly enjoying their first kayaking experience in the new and improved Lake Doris. After leaving the dock, I stopped by the barn to see the girls trotting and doing jumps. It sure was incredible! At Macky’s green I found the soccer class dribbling, passing, and finishing with a relay race. The cheerleaders had just learned a new cheer and were coming up with fun ways to perform it. I must say opera style was my favorite. Dance class was meeting on the balance beam to work on balance and partner skills. Camp craft was on the low ropes course learning safety and team-building. The Enchanted Barn was next on my journey and there I found the art class making frame cards. Olivia D. made a card with a horse on it – how beautiful!

After a wonderful lunch of hamburgers and singing tribe songs (which was undoubtedly very exciting for girls who were initiated into their lifelong tribes last night) the girls headed to rest time. The girls love rest time… because after that comes Trading Post! Oh the joys of Dr. Pepper sipped through sour punch straws and Hershey’s washed down with an ice cold Yoohoo. I stopped by volleyball just in time to see the end of Queen-of-the-Court. Now, it was a very exciting day at the fencing pavilion. Julia P. received her bronze bar and Bailey Weed pulled out a close victory over Bianca P. to win the Merri-Mac Fencing Tournament.

Needless to say, it was a very fun and eventful day at Merri-Mac. This evening all the cabins are participating in cabin night, which is a fun time of bonding with fellow cabin mates. Comet cabin headed up to the council ring to make s’mores… what could be better? (I better run and join them!) I might have to stop by the spa nights going on in Stardust and Big Dipper, or perhaps sneak in a turn on the blob with Blue Heaven? The Tweedles are camping out tonight- how fun! It is camp, after all. Today was so much fun… I just can’t wait for the rest of camp. I know it will be a blast!

Kaylee Burgess
Comet Counselor
Tennis Instructor
Proud Choctaw!