Merri-Mac Maritime

July 8-18, 2012
Tuition: $2,750.00
Age: rising 8th–11th grades

Join us on a sailing adventure exclusively for Merri-Mac girls. We will be sailing from New London, CT to Gloucester MA on “The Appledore,” an 85 foot schooner.

Now, with the breeze in your hair and the helm in your hands, you realize how far you and your teammates have come. It will be just you, the wind and your Merri-Mac team-mates.

Beyond the fun, living and learning aboard a schooner offers a perfect environment to develop leadership and communication skills, as there is nothing contrived about teamwork when working together as part of a tight-knit crew.

The ship is a steel hulled Gaff rigged schooner of a type typical of those sailed on coastal waters and in the Great Lakes right up to the end of the age of sail. Schooners were the workhorses of their era providing the primary means of transportation for goods and passengers over long distances.

As the ship sails between ports along the northeastern seaboard, participants stand a regular watch while learning every aspect of running the ship, from navigation to meal preparation. The ship anchors most nights in one of the many secluded coves and may visit a small port town along the way. Voyage highlights include trips ashore in the ship’s tenders, exploration of uninhabited islands, and beach cook-outs.

After our sailing adventure, we will spend a day exploring the rich history of Boston, MA, and a day learning to surf at the beach.


Date Destination Type of Mooring
July 8 Arrive at Providence Rhode Island Airport
July 9 Docked at the tall ship festival
July 10 Block Island Anchorage
July 11 Cutty Hunk
(or Tarpulin Cove) Anchorage
July 12 Nantucket Anchorage
July 13 Near Cape Cod Canal Anchorage
July 14 Provincetown Anchorage
July 15 Gloucester, MA Public Dock
July 16 Boston, MA Hostel or Camp
July 17 Surf Camp in Gloucester, MA Camping
July 18 Depart from Providence Rhode Island Airport


  • Learn to sail an 85 foot schooner
  • 6 days of sailing with 8 Merri-Mac girls
  • Exploring the North Atlantic seaboard and historic Boston
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Learn to surf
  • Amazing seafood

What if I am on the camp wait list? If a spot opens for you at Merri-Mac we’ll just roll your enrollment over to camp.

How do I enroll? You must let camp know by March 9th  if you are interested in coming.

What about my camp friends? This is a Merri-Mac adventure with Merri-Mac girls. I suspect there will be a lot of singing around meal times!

How do we get there? We will meet campers at the Providence Airport on July 8.

Happy Camping!