So Adam says to me, “Dan, I need you to go to Puerto Rico to do some Merri-Mac presentations.  And you should take your wife.”

How about that for a work assignment?  We got to go spend time in an amazing place and speak with potential camp families from Puerto Rico.  Our excellent host was Esteban Rivera and he literally drove us all over the island for both camp promotion and to see the sights with his wonderful daughter, Naomi (a proud Merri-Mac Iroquois) and his sweet wife, Nancy.  Here are some pictures from our time there:

This was in a place called Playa Sucia.  Pretty cool.

Here is our excellent host, Esteban Rivera, cracking open an almond for us to try.

This was at a Merri-Mac presentation in Mayaguez. Most of it was in Spanish! Pretty cool.

The Iroquois really were the best tribe that day.

The food was one of my favorite aspects of the trip. Lots of plantains, Yucca, and pork. So delicious!

This was in El Yunque National Park.

You could see the ocean from the middle of the island.

The Rivera family is a lot of fun and we can’t even begin to express how humbled we were at their hospitality. We felt like we were part of their family and absolutely loved bringing Merri-Mac to Puerto Rico. Hopefully in the future we will have a lot more families from that wonderful place!

Happy camping!

Director Dan