Today was a hot one at Camp Merri-Mac. The sun finally broke through the clouds, allowing the campers to enjoy all of their activities to the fullest. Kayaking, water-skiing, and canoeing all had day trips while the campers at Merri-Mac started to earn bars. The day was started off with a lovely chapel on the subject of God’s grace in our lives even when we mess up. At the lake, campers beat the heat by learning how to roll their kayaks and racing canoes. On the other side of camp, the fitness instructors taught campers yoga including warrior poses. At the base camp girls helped each over conquer their fears in low ropes by encouraging one another and using team work. In the Enchanted Barn, campers used pottery wheels for the first time ever while other campers glazed plates in their tribal colors.  The sweet smell of french toast, from the cooking class, and smores pockets perfumed the camp. Tribal volleyball as the evening activity made a perfect ending to another great day at Camp Merri-Mac.