“RISE AND SHINE AND GIVE GOD YOUR GLORY… GLORY!” Today was a WONDERFULLY SUNSHINEY day at Camp Merri-Mac! It was refreshing to feel the sunshine after yesterdays rain. Rain or shine, we are always having a grand time here at camp!

“7 am wakin’ up in the morning… “ We were awoken with the wonderful smell of breakfast…biscuits (my favorite), circle eggs, sausage, and hash browns. After breakfast we stood on our benches and sang morning songs! Merri-Mac’s morning songs are happy and silly, a perfect way to start our day!

Today is a special day at camp—our very own made up weekly holiday. Today is “Tucker Inn Tuesday” (named after the Tucker Inn Dining Hall). Girls of all ages can be seen around camp rocking their favorite t-shirt tucked in all day long!

We headed to chapel lake side, and sang  “I’ve Got a River of Life”, “Jesus Cast a Look on Me”, “For All the Saints”, and “How He Loves Us” before hearing a message from Blue Heaven’s very own counselor Meg M. She spoke of Genesis 1:27 and Psalm 139 reminding us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Like a painting, each “brushstroke” was intentional and had a purpose, just as God paints the picture of our lives.

As Officer of the Day, while taking pictures, I learned many new things along side our girls.  It is a blessing to be OTD, as not only did I capture the smiling moments of your campers today, but I also get to communicate that love and happiness, from our Haven, to yours!

Today in Pottery our girls expressed their creativity with pinch pots with demonstrations from Counselors Sadie and Sara Ann. In Camp Craft, they learned how to build tarps, practice knots, and learned how to build a shelter. Madeline H. and Hannah W. practiced their knot tying skills by tying me to a tree with a taut line hitch knot. In Volleyball, they practiced bumps, sets, and spikes and showed off their skills scrimmaging each other. Riding took a trail ride throughout camp, practicing their 2-point position going up and down camps beautiful hills.

For Lunch we had mini corndogs and mac-n-cheese. We love singing tribe songs in the new Tucker Inn, and the echo’s of songs is SO much louder than last year! If you listen closely, you might be able to hear it too! Each girl screamed her heart out cheering for her tribe then headed up the hill for rest time.

In Kayaking, campers learned to paddle and played tag with their new skills paddling around Lake Dorris. In Climbing Jessica G. practiced her knots and the overhang-climbing wall. Today in Tennis, everyone played “Queen of the Court” after learning her forehand swing. In Cooking our girls experimented changing the recipe to Chocolate Chip Cookies. In Archery, Amy J.Jessica T., and Larkin S. practiced their proper stance and shooting. Campers also learned the method of determining which eye dominant they are. I got to try too (I’m right eye)!

Today in Guitar Lucy and Maddy began class with Exodus 15:1. “I will sing to the Lord God for He is highly exalted”. The girls learned that the reason we play is to glorify God. With this perspective, they practiced basic cords and learned the parts of the guitar. Fitness learned an upper body workout with cardio, and basketball practiced layouts, jump shots, and rebounds.

For dinner we had Sweet and Sour Chicken, egg rolls, rice, snow pea, and sugar cookies for dessert. The girls sang cabin songs, and then headed outside to Sock War. Sock War is one of the evening activities girls look forward to all year long! This competitive game is played like “capture the flag” only using socks. Each sock is dipped in a bucket of water and girls use them to “tag” each other for points for her tribe. For about an hour, the Iroquois, Choctaw, and Seminoles was entertained chasing each other trying to outsmart and out run the opposing tribe. Stay tuned for the winner announced at lunch tomorrow!

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to share your daughters with you this summer! They are such blessings and we look forward to another wonderful day at camp tomorrow!

From this Haven,

Madeline C.

Stardust 2003, 2011, and 2013

Swimming Extraordinaire and PROUD Seminole