Only smiles this morning as campers woke up to a sunny first day of classes! The weather was perfect for these eager girls to receive their schedules and get on their way! Classes began with a ten-minute “name game” and safety talk for the girls to get to know one another and hear just how important safety is in our classes at Merri-Mac!

As first and second classes continued, campers enjoyed making waffles in cooking class, scaling the tower in climbing class, and molding clay bowls in pottery class. When lunch came around, campers heard an exciting announcement- Base Jumping for evening activity! Tribal cheers followed, led by our new tribal leaders:

Seminoles: Hailey H. (Chief) Elena S. (Med-Man) Katie S. (Brave) Robyn N. (Brave)

Choctaw: Hamilton I. (Chief) Anabell M. (Med-Man) Maggie S. (Brave) Lucy W. (Brave)

Iroquois: Abigail J. (Chief) Kaedea P. (Med-Man) Kristie G. (Brave) Alex V. (Brave)

After rest hour and an exciting first trip to the Trading Post, girls ran about to their third class of the day. At the lake, campers cooled off as they made their way around Lake Doris in kayaks and canoes. As the last afternoon activities came to an end, the girls made their way to their cabins to change into all whites for our beloved camp picture. The first day of classes came to an end with a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and a fun game of tribal Base Jumping!

Caroline F.