The morning bugle rang with extra pep this morning because the sun has once again returned to the land of Merri-Mac. The girls eagerly (and some slowly) climbed out of bed to begin their morning chores. Comet was listening to some early morning Hairspray soundtracks as they swept, wiped, and tidied. When the girls had finished their chores, they headed down Senior Hill to the Tucker Inn where a breakfast of pancakes and bacon awaited them. After singing a few silly songs like “I Won’t Grow Up” and “I Love Little Willie,” the girls headed to chapel to hear an encouraging message given by counselor Kate A. about how God is our refuge. After a little free time, the girls dashed to their morning classes. In cooking, the girls prepared a classic breakfast treat: waffles! Counselors Sarah H. and Marie C. aided the girls in their culinary experiments. Right outside the kitchen in knitting, the girls learned how to cast onto their needles. In pottery, the girls received a brief safety talk and a quick demo before they began to mold their own creations. A short walk up the hill led the girls to archery where some girls began to shoot for the first time! Camper Caroline O. explained it perfectly: “I love archery because I don’t get to shoot at home.” After their morning classes, the girls returned to the dining hall for a lunch of mini corndogs and macaroni and cheese. Loud renditions of favorite tribe songs could be heard all over camp. When lunch had finished, the girls climbed up the hill to a much deserved rest hour. When the bugle rang to signal the beginning of free time, the daily stampede of campers rushed down Senior Hill to get the best spot in line for Trading Post. Camper Anna Y. said that she loves Trading Post because “the sugar makes me feel new again!” As third period began, a few rumbles of thunder could be heard in the distance, but that did not stop the girls from enjoying their activities. In tennis, the girls practiced their forehands and Heather C. commented that she loves tennis because she “can hit it over the net!” A few steps away in guitar, the girls could be heard practicing bar chords and the camp favorite “Wagon Wheel.” Mimi M. even received her bronze bar! Down at the Grotto, climbing class was practicing bouldering while their peers spotted them. In Camp Craft, the girls were preparing a fire to make s’mores. After classes had finished, the girls donned their tribe jerseys and ate a delicious dinner of sweet and sour chicken before partaking in a great game of Sock War! It has been a fabulous day at camp and we all cannot wait for another one to begin.

From this Haven,

Laura K., Fencing Instructor, Comet Counselor, Iroquois for Life