Merri-Mac has had a crazy day today! Even though it has been rainy lately, it was sunny for Tribe Fest today! Tribe Fest is a day full of tribal spirit! In the morning we have swim fest, where all three tribes compete in various swimming exercises. They compete in the butterfly stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, freestyle, junior life vest relay, and medley relay. Some swimmers who did exceptionally well were Olivia K, Marion Caroline C, Eleanor E, Elina F, and Mary Raines A. Iroquois took the victory for the Swim Fest. In the afternoon, we had an one hour rest hour and Trading Post. During free time, some girls went down by the lake to try and catch some frogs for a mark towards White Feather. Catching frogs is not normally a sport done by girls, but the girls of Merri-Mac enjoy doing it, especially Kylee F! After free time, all of the tribes gathered to play sock war. Sock war is like capture the flag, except the girls tag each other with socks. Even though today was about tribe spirit and pride, every girl at Merri-Mac has the spirit of a true Merri-Mac girl!

Molly  H