This morning the girls woke up to a beautiful sunny day. After cabin cleanup and breakfast the girls went to chapel. Today’s chapel was lead by our camp director, Adam Boyd, and was on “Who is God?”. Today was the first day for activities for this two week session but classes were in full swing. Climbing divided into two groups, one group went to extreme heights as they climbed the tower while the other group stayed closer to the ground and practiced their bouldering at the grotto. Camp craft spent the day doing team building activities on the ropes course as they had to successfully swing every girl across the “lava” (ground) without spilling the cup of water they were holding onto to. In kayaking today the girls practiced paddling and learned how to safely wet exit from their boats. In pottery the girls spent the day throwing clay on the wheel and making texture bowls. Cooking spent the day making salsa and cheese dip with tomatoes and cilantro.

During free time some fitness girls even ran the tomahawk trail (approximately two miles) during their free time. With all this activity the girls were ready for a delicious lunch of pitas and turkey with popsicles for dessert. At lunch the girls found out that tonight’s evening activity was WHITE OUT and were instructed to come to dinner in their bathing suits. Fourth class was shortened today because the girls had to change into their whites for group pictures on the back green. After a meal of spaghetti and meatballs the girls ran over to Mackie’s Green to play WHITE OUT (a shaving cream fight). All the girls were soon covered in white foam and had smiles plastered to their faces. It was a great first day for this session at camp!

Abby M.

Little Dipper Counselor