As the bell rang to begin another breakfast at camp Merrimac, the girls all filed in to Tucker Inn welcoming the scent of golden pancakes and crispy bacon. Their warm smiles and joyful chatter made the dining hall both a welcoming and delightful place. After eating and clearing, the girls all joined together, as custom after a meal, into energetic singing. They especially seemed to enjoy The Rattlin’ Bog song where they are able to act out the tree, nest, branch, etc. as they sang out the animated lyrics. The daily announcement song was shouted out and then all the girls made their way to chapel, walking with their friends and joyfully exclaiming about the whole day they have just begun. The music in chapel was beautiful. Two of the songs we sang were Amazing Grace and In Christ Alone. These songs show the love our God has for us and how we can be saved through his Grace. The message was taught by Bethany M. who did a great job expressing the love that Jesus Christ has for us. She shared the story of Esther and talked about no matter how dire a circumstance in our lives may seem, God is sovereign and he will save us from every trying circumstance. She prayed for the girls and then they were off to their tribal meetings.

Now, welcome to a run through tour of the activities of a Camper at Merrimac. First stop was pottery. The girls were working together and creating beauty out of clay with their hands as they spent quality time together. Knitting was on the Patti-O working with their multiple shades of colored yarn as they learned patience and diligence with the small stitches and large needles.  Next, I stopped by cooking where they were making fresh salsa and queso. It was fantastically delicious and the girl were having a great time creating and working together as they sat around the kitchen counter on barstools, wearing their Merrimac aprons. Next stop was basketball and tennis where the girls were certainly getting their exercise in for the day. In basketball they were working on passing and layups and in tennis their forehand shot and footwork. In riding, the girls were practicing trotting and cantering as they safely and quickly rode around. At Lake Doris, the girls a part of kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and diving were enjoying the bright and cheerful sunshine that this Tuesday brought us, making the lake the perfect place to be. The weather may be warm, but Lake Doris is always cool. In volleyball, the girls were more than happy to pose for pictures and show off their passes and serves. Lindsay the head of volleyball offered the winning team of passing the ball and keeping it off the ground free Trapo! This definitely brought out the competitive spirits of the girls. Next stop was drama. The girls were working on speech: diction and enunciation and communicating clearly. They were also discussing bars as they worked to memorize monologues and terms in order to receive them. They gladly stood dramatically for pictures as they laughed and posed together. At gymnastics, the girls were working on their hand stands, cartwheels, and splits; which they happily showed me on the mats.

The enjoyment of these campers was truly a joy to see. The love that they have for camp and toward each other was evident by the way all the girls interacted with one another. Because of the laughter and friendships that are shared by these campers, this Tuesday was definitely far more than typical.


Jenna E.

Tweedle Dum Counselor and Drama Instructor