Merri-Mac girls don’t let the rain get them down! We started the day out with a great breakfast and a wonderful chapel and then headed out for activities. In archery, the girls started using score sheets to keep track of their progress and target scores. In guitar, the girls began to learn new chords in order to play the song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. During dance, girls began to practice feet positioning, arabesques, piqué turns, and the chasse, as well as some choreography that is required to earn bars.

Due to rain soaked tennis courts the girls played a funny game of Psychiatrist. In knitting, the girls worked on making their headbands. Many of the girls have completed their first one already! The smell of banana chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes poured out of the kitchen. They tasted wonderful! In Camp Craft (Backpacking), the girls had the opportunity to complete the high ropes course. This encouraged the girls to face fears and use determination and perseverance to complete the course. In lacrosse the girls went to the back porch, due to a drenched Mackey’s Green, to mold their mouth guards.

Rain certainly doesn’t keep swimmers out of Lake Doris. Girls worked on perfecting their technique of various strokes by completing drills and a fun game of Sharks and Minnows. Kayaking began work on bracing and head touches which requires encouragement and teamwork. Gymnastics started off with a fun game of Octopus. After that, girls worked on the floor practicing bridge kick overs, back hand springs, front rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and straddle jumps. Climbing began work on the overhangs in The Mike where several girls came very close to completing. They also practiced tying knots such as, the Figure Eight Follow Through, Double Fisherman’s Knot, and the Prussic Friction Hitch. In Riflery the girls started shooting targets. During drama, girls had to decipher the type of character portrayed in a fun game called House Guest. Because the courts were flooded, volleyball moved to the back porch where they completed a workout for legs and abs. Several girls held planks for over three minutes! In pottery, girls started hand building mugs (also called, slab built mugs). Some girls also began working on the wheel to practice throwing. Chorus began learning the song “Somewhere Out There”. They were sounding pretty good!

Due to heavier rain in the afternoon diving had to move inside to The Mike. But, they were able to practice various diving skills on the trampoline and the mats. Despite down pours and some thunder, the Merri-Mac ladies had an awesome day! Tonight, the girls will be spending some quality bonding  time with their cabins for Cabin Night!