What a day it has been at Camp Merri-Mac!  Once again the campers woke up to Revillie ready for another day at camp.  Everyone completed their chores and tidied their personal areas before heading down the hill to breakfast.  We enjoyed French toast and bacon, and as always stood on the benches after the meal to sing the morning songs.  At chapel, Molly M discussed Psalm 34 and explained that we are all radiant because of God’s light.

There was so much to see as I ventured around camp during the first two periods.  In knitting the girls were busy making headbands, which have become quite the fashion trend here at Merri-Mac.  The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cupcakes with salted caramel icing greeted me in the kitchen. I watched as Mary Raines and Anna Grace mixed up the batter.  I was lucky enough to get a sample and they were absolutely delicious.  Just up the hill in fencing, the girls were practicing their lunges and in the grotto, Jess T. and Libby were practicing their bouldering skills.  As I continued up the hill, I could hear the guitarist and I paused to listen to them practicing their chords.  In fitness Kate A. was leading a core workout and I was tired just watching them.  At the archery range everyone was practicing their technique and I saw quite a few girls hit the target.  Over in riflery range Mackenzie P was handling her gun like a pro and I saw many marks on all of the girls targets which must mean they are quick learners.  In the Mike, the gymnast stretched out their legs before working on their tumbling and I saw Claire R. do some pretty impressive flips.  Over at climbing, Maggie C. was headed up the right side of the wall, while others practiced their figure eight knots or learned how to belay.  I took in the beautiful mountain scenery and the sunshine as I headed down the hill to Lake Doris.  Although it rained overnight, we have had a beautiful day of sunshine here at Merri-Mac! The canoeing class learned the techniques of paddling while swimming and competitive swimming were using the kick boards to practice their kick. I headed on down the hill to camp craft were the girls were enjoying the low ropes course.  I watched an intense game of Simon Says where the girls had to balance on a log, and I must say Georgie W. has some balance; she just would not fall off!  I finished up my loop at the enchanted barn where our young potters were making bowls.  Over on the wheel, I watched Olivia Faith concentrate as she created her bowl.

At lunch we enjoyed Greek pitas and chips with orange push pops for dessert. The evening activity was announced: Iroquois vs. Choctaw volleyball and the Seminoles will enjoy some ice cream.  I could sense the excitement from all three tribes.  After rest hour there was the usual stampede to trading post and then many tether ball games.  I made another loop to see all of the afternoon activities.  I saw volleyball work on setting, passing, and footwork while the soccer players were practicing their passing. Raquel F. had a pretty powerful kick.  Tennis was also hard at work practicing their forehand.  I finished up my rounds with another trip to the kitchen where I saw Olivia K icing her cupcake (and I enjoyed yet another sample!)  For dinner, we had spaghetti and meat balls with cobbler for dessert.  As I write, the Iroquois and Choctaws are battling it out on the volleyball courts and we will get you the results tomorrow!  Until then, Goodnight from the happy campers of camp Merri-Mac!

Counselor Riley M.