Is it already the last day of classes? If you’d been at camp today, you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Merri-Mac was in full swing all day! We woke up to a misty morning chill rolling over the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it cleared up and the sun peeked out as we enjoyed breakfast and lifted up sweet melodies in chapel this morning. Then, classes began and the fun continued. In knitting, girls worked on making cute bows to wear in their hair. Elizabeth O. started on a bigger project and is working on a scarf. In cooking, girls made delicious milkshakes, adding in chopped up bits of candy from the trading post. In pottery, campers received and evaluated their finished glazed pieces that just came out of the kiln. Volleyball class included an exciting and competitive game, in which the Thunder team claimed the victory (with trading post as their prize for the win). In riding, girls rode leisurely laps around all of camp. Campers continued to work on their skills in kayaking, including rolls and T-rescues, and Caroline K. achieved her roll. Counselor Mary Page said it well for this class: “I love watching girls grow in confidence—from not knowing how to wet exit to learning their roll on a river.”

This afternoon, we ate a great lunch and then settled down for rest hour—except for junior camp. The Tweedle cabins had a Tweedle Prom during rest hour! The girls from Tweedle Doe & Dum asked the Tweedle Dee girls to prom, and they danced the time away. More fun ensued as we moved into our afternoon classes. In archery and riflery, girls continued shooting and honing their aiming skills. Dance classes worked on choreography in groups and shared their ideas with each other. Guitar had a “spotlight talent show”, in which every girl could perform for the rest of the class. Diving had a moose dive competition, and swimming class enjoyed blobbing.

Tonight, as it is the final night of camp with everyone here, we will have our Lakeside ceremony.  What a beautiful way to end the session and the summer. There is certainly a bittersweet sense in the air. However, as Winnie the Pooh so perfectly puts it, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” How true that is for all the wonderful friends we have made this summer at Merri-Mac. As we all prepare to go back into the world outside of camp, full of busy life and school beginning, we will never forget the memories and friendships we have made here. We will return changed—by the Lord, by these friends, by this beautiful place. We love you, Merri-Mac. This is goodnight and not goodbye.

Davie B.

Big Dipper Counselor

Lacrosse Instructor

Proud Seminole