Despite this rainy day at Merrimac, the girls are full of sunshine. To start off this Wednesday morning, the girls sang beautifully at Chapel. Maggy Stephens spoke and answered the question “Who is Jesus?” The girls learned that he is the ultimate servant.

In our morning activities, the campers and counselors were busy enjoying their last MWF classes of the summer.  In pottery class, the girls finished glazing everything they have made in the last 2 weeks. Hailey F. glazed a bowl that had her name on it. Mary Ellen H. finished glazing a coffee mug she made for her mother. In cooking class, Leslie treated the girls by teaching them how to make milkshakes. All the girls stuffed their cups with vanilla ice cream, Oreos, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup. Specifically, Ella Lee C. and Katherine G. loved putting M&Ms, Oreos, and chocolate syrup in their milkshakes. In knitting class, the girls enjoyed making bows, purses, and bracelets. Knitting is a great class to just relax and spend time with other campers. In my activity, lacrosse, we did a throwing contest with water balloons! The girls had to throw the water balloons using their lacrosse sticks. After that, they had a nice scrimmaging game. Next to Macky’s Green, camp craft had the girls tying knots and putting up a tarp. Next to camp craft, the girls rode horses around the ring. They practiced cross jumps and worked on control. In climbing class today, they were at the climbing tower. Caroline S. and Kristie G. practiced belaying fellow campers while they climbed the tower.  Up on the hill, the girls in guitar learned how to play “How He Loves”. They also played Sarah Katherine E. a birthday song. In fitness class, the Merrimac girls got fit by doing leg and abs circuits. In archery, the girls practiced shooting at the targets and working on their score sheet. Alex V. worked on her silver bar. After first and second period, the Merrimac ladies ate slices of pizza for lunch. They also raved over the very popular s’more pockets.

After rest hour, the Merrimac girls dashed to 3rd period. In the afternoon activities, I had the pleasure of visiting the Mike. In there, the gymnastics class had their routine stretch. Today, they had a cartwheel contest and had a free period. Bridgett N. and Ryan G. was excited to work on the trampoline and the bar. Climbing was moved to the Mike after it rained but that didn’t stop the class. There was a climbing relay race and the girls had a fair share of climbing the walls especially the infamous overhang. I also visited chorus class which they had performance class. All the girls sang some of their favorite songs. For example, Skylar R. and Ali T. sang “If I Die Young” and Madi L. sang “Part of Your World”. The clouds and rain definitely didn’t stop the waterfront. Activities at Lake Doris presumed with happy campers. Specifically, in kayaking, the girls played Kayak Polo. In swim class, it was a fun day where girls enjoyed themselves on the water slide, the blob, and played games like Sharks and Menos. The best and most out of the ordinary was, in canoe class, the girls carried their canoes all the way down to raid Trade Post. The campers loved it and thought it was the funniest thing.

For tonight’s evening activity, Merrimac is having their final White Feather for the summer of 2013 and the Final Campfire. Final Campfire is a tradition where everyone sits around a campfire and celebrates the time they have had at Merrimac this summer. Each cabin will get up and share a few highlights they have had in the past few weeks. This is also where the Sunnyside campers hand out their suns to people that have impacted their camp experience.

We are so proud of all the girls and how hard they have worked in the past few weeks. In Junior Camp, these girls have been promoted to Groundhog: Virginia M., and Mollie R. These girls have been promoted to Badger: Aurora M., Josephine V., Liza F., Addison K. In Intermediate Camp, these girls have been promoted to Arrow: Kate B., Eleanor P., Deborah Z., Hannah F., Paola I., Isabella A., and Ava W. These girls have been promoted to Crazy Creek: Caroline H., Heather C., Mary Katherine F., Patterson G., Katherine M., and Gretchen N. Corrina Gill has been promoted to Long Bow. In Senior Hill, these girls have been promoted to Running Deer: Stewart W., Marquesa C., Jiselle H., Emily K., Sadie T., and Audrey B. These girls have been promoted to Red Tail: Lindsey H., Gracie Rae H., Morgan G., Kate T., Beatrix E., Maggie S., Katie W., and Ingerid E. These girls have been promoted to Junior Feather: Kristie G., Amelia G., Elizabeth C., Becca M., Elizabeth P., Kaitlin P., Aynsley R., and Annalaura C. Lastly, these girls have been promoted to our highest promotion, White Feather: Katie G., Abigail J., and Robyn N. Again, we are so very proud of our Merrimac girls.