For those who have never seen Merri-Mac in action, it may be hard to understand what makes this place so amazing. So, we have narrowed down the list to the top 5 reasons to love Camp Merri-Mac. Check them out below.

1. Our Christian Focus– We are great at having fun, and that is why our girls come to camp.  But we also believe that the happiest environment is one where the love of God is demonstrated by the staff, and felt by all.

2. An All Girl Experience– Single Sex camping is a unique experience. Girls are just different when you take away the boys.  They sing louder, play harder and make better friends.

3. Camper Oriented Programs- More than most camps we know of, Merri-Mac is a camper driven program. Girls at Camp Merri-Mac are able to take part in “White Feather” Program, which rewards girls who show leadership abilities, positive spirit, and unique character and ability. This drives campers to embrace what makes them unique, and is an important way of calling to a girl’s attention her own abilities and talents.

4. The Creation of a Family – Each camper or counselor joins an Indian tribe soon after arriving at camp. When you become a Iroquois, Choctaw, or Seminole at initiation, you have joined a life long group within the Merri-Mac family. Each night the tribes meet in competition, and each day the girls form closer and closer friendships.  This allows asense of permanence, stability, and long lasting bonds.

5. Comfort and Happiness – We want every camper to feel at home while away at camp. In order to create this feeling, we place girls in well kept, modern cabins based on their age. This fosters friendship while keeping living quarters feeling homely. We also provide extensive meal options, so that even the pickiest eaters or those with food related allergies are well fed and content. Finally, we have a wonderful staff here at Merri-Mac. With a staff ratio of 1 -3.5, every camper will have someone they can turn to for advice and guidance. Our staff are dedicated to making the camp experience the best it can be every single summer.