For many of us January has included New Year’s Resolutions. However, 2024 is already headed for a new trend – making ins and outs lists. These are short lists, similar to a resolution, of what you want to bring into 2024 and what you want to leave behind in 2023. 

I decided to make an In/Out list for camp this summer! Every summer at camp a trend will make its way through each session (remember silly bandz?). Some trends stick around and others are better left in the past. Here are my predictions for the Summer 2024 trends at camp!

Dance Party in the Mike after evening activity
Red Wolves howling, Golden Eagles cawing, and Black bears growling
New mountain biking trail in Bear Camp
Rainy day activities at camp
New camp friends
Free swim in Lake Doris
Cross Patch/Up Yonder
Bucket Hats

S’more pockets: replaced by the even yummier chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches!
Trunks in the cabin: cabin floors are prime hang-out spots!
Lost and Found that’s never claimed: write your name in everything!
Short socks for sock war: tube socks are superior…it’s just a fact!

Dance party post-evening activities are my personal favorite way to spend an evening at camp and I would love to join in on any and all that happen this summer. Also, nightgowns and squishmellows are a staple for evening attire at camp (in my opinion). Taking it to Lake Doris… I know for a fact that wearing sunscreen is SO in for this summer (and that your swim counselors will require you to have it on before you jump in)! Lastly, word in the Tweedles is that s’more pockets have been replaced by chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches after dinner.

I can not wait for campers to get here this summer and see if my predictions are true.

From this Haven,
Morgan “MoMo” Sarkin
Camp Intern and proud Golden Eagle