New Cabin at Camp
Our Newest Cabin

Merri-Mac is a place where the most important parts never change. Camp looks the same, sounds the same and smells the same.  We sing the same songs, cheer the same tribes and walk the same paths that we did with our first campers .  The Princess Song is exactly the same, the initiation night is exactly the same, the lakeside ceremony is exactly the same.  These things are the water we swim in, they are the tools for meeting our mission.  So when we build something new it is really fun.

It is fun because every building already has a theme, a story, before it is built.  We get to design every building to fit 70 years of tradition.

I especially like that every cabin at camp is different.  Some girls stay in very old cabins.  Of course these are more rustic.  Other cabins were built, or rebuilt, in the 80’s by my parents.  And then we have the newest being built now.  All of them are built to feel like camp (open air, dorm style, etc.).  The great part is that every girl gets every part of camp through her years with us.  So whether your daughter is in our oldest cabins (1945), or our newest cabins, they are part of our best traditions at Merri-Mac.