Dear Parents,


Welcome to camp!  Merri-Mac started this session with a wonderful opening day.  Ann and I especially enjoyed talking with so many of our parents as you checked your girls in.


After a year of planning we officially started first session with a swim test, followed by dinner and singing.  Sunnyside did a wonderful job leading the cabin songs, but it was clear that the real tension is building for tomorrow’s first tribal cheers.

But before that happens, we had to elect our new tribal officers:


  • Chief: Hunter Willis
  • Medicine Man: Emily Ann Stroud
  • Braves: Jess Tetnowski, Amelia Rustin


  • Chief: Caroline Alessandro
  • Medicine Man: Cristina Carter
  • Braves: Nicole Young, Madeline Henderson


  • Chief: Anne Dillon Loflin
  • Medicine Man: Miller Ezell
  • Braves: Catherine McCoy, Rachel Drury


After dinner we went up the mountain for our first 2014 initiation.


The new Merri-Mac Seminoles are:

  • Nora Bevington

  • Tillie McQuiqq

  • Samantha Johnson

  • Alissa Lively

  • Reese Carter

  • Leah Elliott

  • Madeline Martin

  • Alexandra von Dongen

  • Sarah Roth

  • Cate Frist

  • Ava Todd

  • Lauren Ludwig

  • Laila Molina

  • Sofia Sincell

  • Caroline Roth

  • AnnaFrench Sharp

  • Sophia Colby

  • Elyce Dotson

  • Kristen Peavy

  • Annalise Micus

  • Emma Spence

  • Marley Tanner

  • Emma Hilton

  • Meghan Hilton

  • Elke Gill

  • Enley McCollum


The new Merri-Mac Iroquois are:

  • Marlo Ritchie

  • Katherine Edwards

  • Natalie Baughan

  • Ashley Martin

  • Cooper King

  • Lucy Pittman

  • Carly Pittman

  • Ava Marwick

  • Elizabeth Marwick

  • Grace Kepper

  • Abigail Hugill

  • Lucie Kimbrell

  • Carly Lansberg

  • Elizabeth Austin

  • Sarah Grace Allen

  • Katherine Scully

  • Isabella Ortiz

  • Evelyn Austin

  • Katie Brooker

  • Nicole Riske

  • Dylan Welch

  • Brooke Jeray

  • Leanne Rittenbach

  • Graham Sherman


The new Merri-Mac Choctaws are:

  • Lily Bohannon

  • Eve Quinsenberry

  • Layne Simon

  • Ryan Simon

  • Abigail Arnold

  • Mae Moody

  • Lucy Bond

  • Emma Claire Mitchell

  • Morgan Robinson

  • Moriah Stansberry

  • Hannah White

  • Caroline Dishman

  • Madeline Dishman

  • Allyson Polhemus

  • Lenox Hill

  • Karly Kammann

  • Caroline Gregory

  • Aislinn Finnegann-Wilson

  • Gabrielle Holzkamm


Later several cabins were seen sneaking out with their staff for their own special cabin initiations.  Lots of girls becoming Merri-Mac insiders tonight.


I wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we have a great group of girls.  We also have some very exciting days lined up and we’ll keep you posted each day.


Great Camping!

Adam Boyd