As I sit here tonight writing this article, I am surrounded by the joyous sounds of tribe songs and competition.   The joy that these girls have when competing for their tribes fills my heart.  There is nothing more pleasing to a counselors’ ears than campers who are having the time of their lives and enjoying the precious moments here at camp.

The bugle rang through the trees this morning, our girls sleepily, yet cheerfully arose to greet the glorious sunshine.  Teeth were brushed, beds were made and chores were done all before heading down to a camp favorite breakfast of french toast sticks and bacon.  All bellies were full and smiles were brimming as they headed to the chapel to hear Keitt talk about fear and how Jesus is always there to help us through our fears, yes, even public speaking.  The bugle rang again and little feet could be heard all around running to their first period class.  In PAWS, the dogs were being taught new commands: off, and greeting people without jumping up.  There were definitely giggles as the young pups stubbornly worked through the exercises.  Girls were working on getting their accuracy down in Archery and Riflery and today Hannah G. hit the bullseye for the first time this summer in Archery.  Way to go!  Gymnastics continued today with many bends and twists including learning how to do back and front tucks, back and front hip circles, and pullovers.

The afternoon began with another camp favorite: Pizza!  Our kitchen staff never fails to fill the hungry campers tummies!  We could not survive without the amazing food the kitchen staff lays out for us each and every day.  Tribe songs were sung all throughout Tucker Inn and everyone headed to rest hour.  The bugle rang yet again which signaled every campers favorite part of the day: Trading Post!  The line never seems to stop growing when it comes to trading post.  The tetherball was swung, volleyball was played, and many conversations ensued during free time.

Third and fourth period came quickly and girls rushed to get to their activities.  In Riding today, the girls were learning how to trot and post.  In Backpacking, tents were being built as many learned for the first time how to create A-Frame and Lean-To tents.  Cooking continued today with their delicious quiche making and monkey bread!  There is never an empty belly after leaving Cooking Class.

I had a chance to sit and talk with the girls in knitting today and hear their favorite parts about camp.  Cabin Night and “Inferno” are very big hits around camp along with “Sock War” and “Color Wars.”  Stromboli, Pizza and S’more Pockets are some of the biggest hits when it comes to the food department.  I threw out the question, “What about camp makes you smile”?  The following answers warmed my heart:

“I am a more well-rounded person” (Edie B.)

“I made some of my best friends here at camp” (Kathryn N.)

“I have been closer to God than ever before” (Courtney H.)

“Camp makes me smile because this place is my home” (Audrey S.).

Hearing these answers reassure me in my love for camp.  It is a safe haven for these young ladies to try new activities, make new friends, and draw closer to God in a way that cannot be experienced at any other place.

As the final bugle rang signaling class ended for the day, the girls headed to the dining hall to eat chicken strips, corn, mashed potatoes, and vanilla cake.  The evening activity is “Base Jumping”, where girls run around to deliver messages to their tribes’ base as sneakily as they can in order to avoid the counselors who have turned into stingers for the evening.

The girls are headed back to their cabins to bond and listen to tonight’s devotion.  Stay tuned to hear about who will win Base Jumping.  Until then, I wish you all the best of evenings.


From This Haven,

Jacqueline Rose Carbonetta


Tweedle Dum Counselor


Chorus Instructor


Proud Seminole


University of the Sciences ’18


Isaiah 43:1-3