DSCN1179Hi mom and dad,

It’s been another awesome day at camp! First we woke up and had biscuits and eggs for breakfast. It was so delicious! Then after a great chapel lead by my riflery teacher we all headed to classes. Today in cooking we made monkey bread and something called quiche. I didn’t know what it was before but it was so good. Then I went to PAWs and we learned how to teach the puppies the difference between training time and play time. They are so cute. My favorite is Mac. Or maybe Chief. Or no, Archer! I don’t know-they are all so adorable! But then I went to lunch and got to hear about what all my other friends had done during the day. One of them learned how to shoot a 22-rifle in riflery and then got a bull’s-eye in archery. Another one of my friends was working on getting her roll in kayaking today after she learned how to play a song by Michael Jackson in guitar. And another one of the girls in my cabin even learned how to shoot a bow like Katniss! After lunch we headed to a much needed rest time and ran down the hill for trading post. I had sour punch straws and a coke! When it was time for my third and fourth classes it had started to rain but that didn’t slow down our fun. We played volleyball under the porch of the dining hall and I worked on my coil pot in pottery. I can’t wait to show you my animal shaped mug! Then after all my classes my cabin settled down for our Mexican lasagna dinner. Instead of ending the meal with cabin songs tonight we sang the state songs of the states we are from. It was so cool to see how many girls there are at this camp who are from different states. Right after dinner we headed out to play American Color Wars and then we had a surprise ice cream Sunday party on Macky’s Green! After calming down from our ice cream surprise we headed to the cabin to have some cabin bonding before devotions with our counselors. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Miss you!


Love, Merri-Mac girl