Hello again from the beloved Camp Merri-Mac! Today was another amazing day at camp. They woke up with smiles and cheer, excited to clean the cabin and begin their day of activities. They were especially eager because their schedules today consisted of different activities than yesterday.

The whole camp was alive with happiness as all the girls headed down to breakfast, where we had delicious biscuits, eggs and potatoes. The meal was filled with girls sharing their schedule and expressing their excitement for the activities to come. After breakfast, we headed to chapel, which was led by Merri-Mac counselor Sydney Bloom. She gave an inspiring message on Romans 3:23.

After chapel the girls went to short tribal meetings to prepare for the evening activity. They also learned a few tribal songs and were happy to be able to shout their tribal pride. Tribal meetings create much anticipation for the evening activity, which is announced daily at lunch!

After tribal meetings the girls rushed to their activities, ready to get into action and show their skills! At Riflery, the girls started off their class with a safety talk, followed by an introduction to the rifle. After making sure the rules the girls were comfortable, and aware of all safety rules, they began practicing shooting from a laying position. At the end of class to girls joyfully ran to their targets to see what they had hit. Fencing class began with a lesson on the parts of the foil. The girls also got to dress in their gear and modeled the cool protective clothing.

After a morning of fun and hard work in their activities, all of Merri-Mac was ready when the lunch bell rang. For lunch we had yummy chicken nuggets and waffle fries (on the level of Chick-Fil-A goodness), and frozen juice bars for dessert. After much anticipation, the winner of the previous nights evening activity was announced. Last night’s game of Smugglers and Spies provided for great fun, and also led to a victory for Choctaw. After the Choctaws celebrated their win, both the Iroquois and Seminoles joined in and showed their immense tribal spirit.

During the free time after rest period, the stampede of girls headed to the Trading Post could be heard camp-wide. Other girls decided to relax in their hammocks and enjoy the company of each other. The afternoon activities were equally thrilling as those before lunch. At the barn, girls confidently sat atop their horses and practiced trotting and cantering. They also learned how to control their horse. In drama the campers played an interesting game called “Bunny Bunny”. The game consists of a series of actions, focused on distracting the other players in the game. The game is a sight to see and truly tests the focus and concentration of aspiring drama stars!


At PAWS, the girls first got acquainted with the precious pups and the learned how to properly put on a harness. Then they were off to take the puppies for a walk around camp. In Chorus, the girls got to know each other and then began talks of solo and duet performances for the whole camp.


For dinner we had taco casserole, chips and salsa, all of which proved to be crowd pleasers. As the girls ate brownies for dessert, the dining hall was a buzz with excitement for the evening activity, the Apache Race. After songs had been sung, and tables had been cleared, we headed out to the Back Green for a night of fun.


The Apache Race is a giant relay around camp, it incorporates a number of sports and activities and allows girls to demonstrate the skills they have learned at camp. At tribal meetings, the campers chose and activity and each prepared to represent their tribe. Some of the components of the game included, building a human pyramid, swimming some laps in Lake Doris, and playing a game of volleyball. Each team gave their all and had loads of fun. Which tribe will come out on top?

Until tomorrow! Your daughters had a wonderful day and are off to a wonderful start. We, of course, are so happy to have them and can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

Jordan H.

First Year Counselor (and already in love with Merri-Mac)

Comet Counselor

Iroquois- best tribe