The bugle sounded loudly from my top bunk in Tweedle Nation. I couldn’t wait to start the day! I finished my chores as quickly as I could, so I could dip my feet into Tweedle Creek before breakfast. When the breakfast bell rang I was welcomed by the wonderful aroma of orange coffee cake, bacon, and baked oatmeal. After finishing our breakfast, we sang, “I love little Willie” and “Chante”. They announced that tonight’s evening activity was Tribal Volleyball, and I couldn’t wait to play for the Seminoles. We ran up the hill to the chapel where Counselor Kaylee aka “Tibby” gave a message on James 1:17.

I ran to Macky’s Green where I met the Seminoles for tryouts! We sang tribal songs and practiced volleyball until first period I went to knitting. I learned how to cast on. Next I went to fencing where I learned how to properly lunge. I also learned the parts of the foil!

After fencing I went back to The Waterfall of Tweedle Creek and met my friend Emily where we built Fairy Houses. Their homes were constructed of leaves, rocks, sticks, and flowers. We headed down the hill for lunch in the Tucker Inn. It was Chicken patties and waffle fries for lunch-MY FAVORITE! I also made a “Tweedle Salad” of cheese, croutons, and sunflower seeds. We also had apple turnovers for dessert! My cabin and I played Merri Mac Trivia for our dessert so I got to learn a lot about the history of camp! The question I answered was “When was Merri-Mac founded?” and I guessed 1945!

After lunch we headed to Rest Time where I could barely wait for Trading Post! I wrote letters to my parents, my grandma, and my dog, and the 30 minutes passed quickly! The bugle sounded and I ran to Trading Post and got Airhead Extremes and Dr. Pepper. I played a thrilling game of tetherball and Sydney beat me. For third period I went to volleyball where my counselor told me about staying hydrated and taught me to correctly pass volleyball in the ready position. After volleyball, I headed to Cooking where I couldn’t wait to make chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with salted caramel butter crème icing. I begged my counselor to let me eat another one but she didn’t want me to spoil my dinner. I headed to Tweedle Shower Time and my counselor Amelia braded my hair. I donned my Seminole tribe jersey in anticipation for Volleyball this evening. I ran to dinner where we ate Chicken Lo Mein and had Blackberry Cobbler for dessert. We finished the meal with cabin songs and I couldn’t wait to sing the Tweedle Song.

We ran out to evening activity and I’m pretty positive the Seminoles won Volleyball. We will find out tomorrow at lunch and I can hardly wait until then.  After Volleyball my cabin and I went to the backpacking hut to roast smores. We sang campfire songs and my counselor Kendall played her guitar and Chelsea sang to us.  Jordan and Anna helped me make the perfect smore.

Now I am tucked in bed while Allison read the Jesus Story Book Bible and my eyes are gently closing. I can see the fireflies above my window and the crickets are chirping. She prayed for us and told us all goodnight. I’m dreaming big tonight and cant wait for another perfect day at camp tomorrow!


Goodnight and Dream Big from all of us here at camp!


Tweedle Dum Counselor

12 year Merri-Mac Girl

Proud Seminole