IMG_0177As the bugle rang this morning, the girls hopped out of beds to start the first full day of third session! The girls ran down the hill to enjoy a delicious breakfast of waffle sticks full of toppings such as whipped cream and blueberries. All five of our Sunnyside tables led morning songs like the classic “Boom Boom Ain’t It Great To Be Crazy”. Afterwards, the girls went on to chapel where counselor Maddy led worship. Adam spoke about how God is our father, and that He wants us to truly love Him, and have a relationship with Him. The girls then ran off to their first morning tribe meeting of the session, and got some free time before their first class started.


When the first bugle rang, the girls ran off to start the first day of activities. Since it was the first day for activities, all classes started off with a safety talk and a discussion about how to obtain bars in that specific class. Gymnastics learned basic floor skills, while canoeing played a few rounds of canoe tag on Lake Doris. Archery learned how to hold the bow, and aim at the target, while cooking made delicious chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes.


After the morning activities had come to an end, the girls came to the dining hall for lunch to find one of their favorite meals: taco in a bag and sugar cookies! Tribe leaders hyped up their tribes by leading them in tribal songs. After lunch was over, the girls sprinted out of the dining hall to search for the buried hatchet. Legend says the tribe that finds the hatchet will win the banner at the end of the session. Kaitlin P. of the Seminoles found the hatchet!


Rest “half” hour brought in some rain to cool us off a bit, but let up just in time for trading post. The girls stampeded down the hill to get all the candy they could.


As third and fourth period rolled around, the girls were excited to learn new things. In volleyball, the girls learned how to pass and played a game called queen of the court. The girls in swimming learned breaststroke, and pottery made slab mugs all day. In kayaking, the girls learned the basics and how to wet exit.


Fourth period ran short, as we had to get ready for our camp picture! The girls got in their Sunday whites and the staff in their staff shirts, and we all lined up for the session picture of all the beautiful girls!


With the day almost over and dinner so soon, tummies were grumbling. Our dinner tonight consisted of sausage penne pasta, vegetables, and rice krispy treats – Yum! Cabin songs were then sung around the dining hall.


Since the hatchet had been dug up and tribal competition had officially started, what better way to end the night than with a tribal event? The girls all decked out in their tribal gear ran up to the teepee to start the game Gold Rush. In Gold Rush, the girls run all over camp to collect gold items to bring back to their tribe bucket. Here’s the catch: the counselors are the bandits who are also out searching for the gold. If a bandit tags you, you have to both bring that gold to the judge’s table and tell a story as to why you need that piece of gold. If you win, it goes to your tribe. If the bandit wins, the bandit gets to go re-hide the gold. The tribe with the most gold at the end wins! Stay tuned to find out the winner tomorrow (Go Choctaw)!


Sweet Dreams Merri-Mac!


Counselor Lauren


7th year returning


Big Dipper Counselor


Gymnastics Instructor


Proud Choctaw