After a very rainy (but very fun) Cabin Night, the girls of Merri-Mac awoke to a lovely, sunny morning. At 7:00 AM sharp, camp came alive. A line of Tweedles marched proudly back to their cabins after camping out on the lower tennis courts. Campers quickly worked to make their cabins spotless in order to earn a perfect ten on their cabin score and win the much sought after Cabin Cake. From Cabin Clean up, campers headed to the Tucker-Inn for some morning fuel. For breakfast, the girls enjoyed warm scrambled eggs and hash browns. The campers of Merri-Mac got quite a workout after their meal, as they sang the camp song “Hip Hooray” twice and strolled around the dining hall while singing along. Next, we all headed to Chapel, where Sam C (Sundrop counselor and Basketball teacher) shared a beautiful story about her grandmother and how Jesus is a Servant to us all. After a little bit of free time, everyone headed to their first period activities.

In Cooking class, the girls worked to perfect the chocolate chip cookie with their teachers Emily and Kathleen. Merri-Mac counselors may or may not have been lining up at the door to grab a cookie on their way to class (can you blame us?) Knitting class was busy at work and having a blast making infinity headbands and even neck ties on the patio. Horseback riding class took to the trails, as campers divided up into groups and traveled the camp grounds on the backs of the horses Princess, Mad Eyed Moody, and Picasso (just to name a few!) The girls of basketball were initiated into the class by receiving new and creative names thought up by the teachers. Names like “Big, Big Bear,” “Kitty Cat,” and “Little Bunny Foo Foo” were chanted from the basketball courts as campers welcomed each other into the group. Being a Basketball instructor myself, the girls named me “Rolling Tumbleweed” when they learned I was from Texas. Up in Heaven (AKA PAWS class,) the puppies ran rambunctiously around on their leashes while the campers learned how to walk and train their dogs. However, there was always time for play! Campers sat in Puppy Camp hugging and scratching the bellies of our beloved Merri-Mac pups. Archery class included a quick refresher over proper stance before the girls aimed away at their targets (a few girls even hitting a bull’s eye!) Up the hill, many campers fired a rifle for the first time in riflery. The girls discussed their favorite songs and foods before taking to the shooting range and firing away at their targets. Out on the lake, swim class worked on breaststroke, while kayaking worked on rolls and canoeing coasted along the cool water.  At lunch, campers enjoyed a delicious meal of pizza and Cesar Salad, followed by Rice Krispy treats. The girls of DIY craft created collages out of magazine clippings to decorate composition books. The fronts of the books were plastered with everything from flowers to cupcakes to kittens and intricate designs! Drama class was especially exciting today, as the campers divided up by tribe and created dance routines. After the routines were performed, teachers Steph and Jenna switched gears by playing an improvisation game with the girls. One camper was established as the host, and was posed with the task of discovering the identity of her party guests. Everyone from Dora the Explorer, to a Ghost Whisperer, to someone with the fear of knees showed up at this “party”.

Merri-Mac kitchen staff provided a very unique meal of sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, snow peas, and egg rolls. After a piece of chocolate cake, the girls went immediately outside for a Merri-Mac favorite—Sock War! Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminoles pulled out their tribal paint and long socks and stealthily stole one another’s flags in order to win points in the pursuit of the banner. Even though Seminoles have won the past two evening activities, the banner is fair game! All of us at Merri-Mac are anxious to know which tribe will be claiming the banner this session (I may be a little biased, but Go Choctaw!) Sock War was not all that was in store for the girls of Merri-Mac. They had no idea that a surprise firework show would take placed at 9:00 PM sharp. A bright and booming firework celebration closed another fun and eventful day on the Eve of Fourth of July! It was a wonderful day to be a camper and a counselor at Camp Merri-Mac!


Danielle Hoard