Happiest Fourth of July to you from Camp Merri-Mac! What an amazingly beautiful day it has been to celebrate our country of freedom and liberty and to have overall fun at camp. Last night began the festivities with a wild game of Sock War, which is very similar to Capture the Flag but with sock-throwing as the main defensive and offensive mechanisms. Sunnyside camper Reily B. describes Sock War as “the best tribal experience at camp.”

Sock War was soon followed with a firework display put on by Camp Timberlake. Merri-Mac was thrilled to take part in this annual festivity by scattering around camp by cabin for different vantage points. There was singing, swaying, and expressions of awe as the fireworks boomed all over Black Mountain. It was a joy to celebrate with your girls in this way, as I’m sure many of you are missing their part in your festivities at home!

The temperature today was absolutely perfect, and girls skipped down to a patriotic breakfast of red-white-and-blue waffles (waffles with blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream), clad in their most outrageous America gear. Songs about our good country, including Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA,” were sung, and the Pledge of Allegiance was said before everyone departed for chapel. After a few songs, including a version of “Amazing Grace” sung with the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” chorus, Anne Archer spoke about how Jesus’ laws protect us when we follow them. Chapel is always a wonderful time for all of us to come together to worship and hear God’s Word.

Activities were in full swing today! In Pottery, Anna M., Reily B., and Caroline L. got to throw on the pottery wheels, while many other girls did some hand-building! Over in Fencing, Gabby M. and Elizabeth B. had a great time fencing each other in full fencing gear! The aromas wafting from the Cooking kitchen today were enticing—they were making vegetable soup and grilled cheese! Hopefully when your girls return home, they can give you all a break and cook dinner one night with the recipes posted on the Merri-Mac website and their newfound culinary skills!

A couple of trips went out today! The mountains around us provide us with so many wonderful opportunities for real-world applications to the skills learned at camp. Yara G., Taylor H., Caroline A., Christine T., Natalie C., Isabella B., and Elizabeth C. went on a kayaking trip today! Yara G. also got her roll in Kayaking—a huge accomplishment! Ava F. and Martha Kendall C. went on a Horseback Riding trip this morning, trying out some of the trails around camp! Many other Riding classes went on trail rides today, showcasing their equestrian skills to all of the other activities around camp.

Lunch of hamburgers and potato salad was incredibly satisfying, especially when topped off with American popsicles! Rest time followed with some free time after that. Tonight is a Fourth of July parade, so many cabins worked on their posters for the parade! Liza F., Alexa L. and Anna Wallace C. played some Spike Ball during free time today.

In Volleyball, girls worked on the technique of setting and on their bronze, silver, and gold bars. In Backpacking, I got to taste some of the delicious quesadillas that were being made over the fire! The girls in Canoeing class were certainly cooling down by swamping their canoes! This just means they flipped them over and then filled them with water! In Archery, balloons were set up on the targets, and many girls hit the bulls-eye! Archery instructors told me they got around 25 bulls-eye shots today! Mary F. was one of many who popped her balloon with an arrow.

Many girls in Chorus received their bronze bars today! These included: Nicole C., Allison F., Avery F., Ellie M., Riley W., and Mia C! Bars earned are one of the many things recognized and celebrated at the White Feather ceremony happening tonight alongside electives such as running the trail or commendations voted on by fellow campers. Here are the White Feather promotions earned this evening:


Sarah B., Mary Dudley C., Clara D., Katherine H., Mary M., Elizabeth M., Andie R., Copelan R., Paisley S., Emily S., Kathryne W., Lyla A., Lilyanne B., Rachael B., Ella D., Mary Kate F., BellaRose G., Tevi M., Indi P., Jane T., Grayson W., Anna B., Dana B., Susanna H., Ava H., Mary Ellis I., Caroline M., Ella N., Katya S., Louise V., Knowlton W., Elena Cristina D., Grace H., Avery O., Vika S., Callie T., Claire J., and Sydney M.


Kathleen B., Elizabeth H., Beth H., and Madison K.



Camille B., Emma M., Anna R., and Camryn L.



Elizabeth J., Rachel C., Gail-Marie D., Hannah H., Kelly Anne T., Eleanor B., Leah Cate B., Grace C., Emerson E., Mary F., Kate H., Christina V., Ann Carolyn B., Katie B., Lucy D., Grace E., Taylor E., Mary Emily M., Anne V., Allie W., Ella M., and Bella L.


Crazy Creek

Grayson L.


Running Deer

Jillian F.


Red Tail

Anna M.


Junior Feather

Madeline H.

Congratulations to all of these girls on their investment and growth in camp!

Tonight, the Fourth of July jubilation will continue with a cookout of pulled pork, sundry carnival games, and a slip ‘n’ slide! For many girls, it is their last night of camp, and we are saddened to see them go but assured they will return home with ample stories and memories to share with you. Thank you for sharing them with us, for their enthusiasm is contagious and their smiles beautiful to behold.


God bless you, and God Bless the USA,


Counselor Maddy

Dreams Begin

Guitar Instructor