There’s no place like camp! That’s for sure. Last night we celebrated Anne Dillon L’s Wizard of Oz Princess Party. This is one of Camp’s favorite traditions each session, when a former Sunnyside camper who is now a Counselor in Training is celebrated for embodying the spirit of Merri-mac. Anne Dillon fulfilled her princess duties seamlessly by directing a hilarious camp-ified version of The Wizard of Oz. By the help of each and every Cabin Princess and CIT, the Mike was transformed into Somewhere Over the Rainbow with beautiful decorations, festive costumes, fun dance numbers and a clever script written by the Princess herself. Each attendant was given a hand painted canvas and mason jar filled with candy as a generous party favor. We then celebrated outside with cake. It was a sweet night, indeed!

After a quick rain shower today, the weather cooled off but hearts remained warm as the Merri-Mac girls embraced their last full day of the 1A session. At least one girl at each activity I visited remarked on how quickly the two weeks went, and the saying “time flies when your having fun” truly sunk in.

This was a special day to visit classes. For many of the campers it was their last day at Merri-Mac this summer and the culmination of all the hard work they’ve put into their activities. Just two weeks ago, novice guitar players strummed the instrument for the first time but today they were enthusiastic and confident showing off songs they have learned. Young campers who second-guessed being placed in a rock climbing class reached the top without a belay and full of excitement. When I visited knitting, the balls of yarn that had sat in the campers laps just two weeks ago had transformed into beautiful, unique creations credited to the girls’ new found talents. Volleyball had intense scrimmages (in good fun, of course) and players who bumped a ball for the first time so recently had clearly become leaders on the court.
Tonight at our White Feather Ceremony we had many girls continue moving up the ladder:
Counselor Commendations: Hannah E, Cora W, Emily A,  Margaret J, Elizabeth F, Kathyrn B, Madison J, Courtney W, Marlo R, Anna G, Cooper K, Sarah R, Tillie M, Emily B, Cate F, Katie T, Virginia D, Sara S, Ellie H, Miller C, Ariana K, Elise O, Morgan M, Anna C, Julia K, Caroline R, Anna F, Courtney H, Julia P, Kate W, Audrey S, Millie M, Elise Seabrook B, Marley D, Sherrill B, Isabeau C, Sophia H, Hunter S, Lila B, Anna B, and Nicole C.
Groundhog: Emily A, Bella G, Lauren R, Bridget E, and Julia D.
Badger: Courtney W, Lily B, Natalie B, and Marlo R.
Arrow: Leighton E, Eve Q, Virginia D, Marley T, Mya B, Tillie M, Madison J, Taylor S, Anna G, Morgan M, Ellie H, Hannah W, Elyce D, Cameron P, Audrey M, and Alexandra Van D.
Crazy Creek: Anna C, Margaret D, Reese R, Cate F, Julia Grace K, Emmy M, and Allie W.
Long Bow: Prentice A.
Running Deer: Mary Avrett B, Ellie F, Hannah K, Molly R, Holland M, Clara S, Eleanor D, Leigh Ann F, Millie M, Allie M, and Caroline R.
Red Tail: Caroline C, Claire M, Alex V, Nicole F, Sophie M, and Hunter S.
Junior Feather: Hannah G.
Camper Commendations: Lauren R, Kate M, Emily A, Kendall W, McKenna N, Millie W, Bridget E, Lily B, Taylor S, Avery S, Bella G, Molly M, Carly Ruthann S, Lucy B, Eve Q, Tillie M, Emily B, Cate F, Margaret D, Ali Q, Reese R, Annafrench S, Sophia C, Caroline B, Ariana K, Prentice A, Austin B, Karly K, Claire J, Moriah S, Ellie F, Caroline R, Isabel E, Claire E, Julia P, Sang-Mi L, Alexis B, Betsy J, Molly R, Maggie O, Izzy O, Sherrill B, Bree P, Ashlynn K, Virginia D, Sophia H, Rachel D, Swayze W, and Mary Catherine C.
Electives: Morgan M, Holland M, Eleanor D, Stewart Anne M, Katherine Faye N, Isabel E, Britta B, Sophie M, Camille P, Hannah G, Martha Elizabeth W, Olivia K, Mairin M, Bree P, Juliana R, Morgan B, Ashlynn K, Anna B, and Isabella B.
The time may have flown by, but it was clearly well spent. So much growth in such few days is incredibly rare, but so is a place like Merri-Mac. Two weeks ago, campers were learning names in cabins and nervously trying new activities. Today, there was a sense of sisterhood and pride in camp accomplishments. At the guitar class I visited, I asked the instructor, Ari, how long she had been playing. Her response was, “my Rainbow year”. How incredible! Merri-Mac girls aren’t trying guitar, or rock climbing, or archery for just two weeks, but rather testing the waters for gifts and passions that can last a life time. Many of your wonderful daughters will return home tomorrow. I’m excited for y’all to see how they have grown here at Camp Merri-Mac and how the impact of these two weeks will live on.
Emma Mudd