Quick fact: over eleven million children and adults will attend camp this year. There are many different types of camps and one for every child out there. Camp Merri-Mac is a Christian camp near South Carolina that is perfect for children everywhere. Attending a Christian camp creates an added bonus of learning about a child’s religion while also receiving all of the benefits of a typical summer camp experience. Keep on reading to hear some of the many benefits of attending Camp Merri-Mac this ummer.

  • Community- Camp Merri-Mac prides ourselves on the safe and supportive community that we have created. We put a focus on participation rather than competition and girls don’t have to be afraid to fail. Campers will be able to choose from a variety of Christian camp activities that they may have never tried before. But they will not have to worry about being judged or failing in front of their fellow campers.
  • Friends- Many of our current campers have said that they met their best friends at Camp Merri-Mac. Christian camp gives girls the perfect opportunity to make new friends that will last a lifetime.
  • Religion- The most obvious benefit of attending Christian camp. At Camp Merri-Mac, we believe that we are called to do all things to the glory of God. Our Christian camp staff has a high view of scripture and strong understanding of grace and the gospel. Every day our counselors demonstrate Christian leadership and aim to help our campers demonstrate the same.
  • Nature- Christian camp is the perfect time for girls to be reunited with nature. A typical day at Christian camp offers plenty of opportunities for campers to spend time outside and reconnect with the world around them.
  • Adventure- At Christian camp, our counselors are always ready for an adventure. Girls can participate in ropes courses, hikes, waterskiing, and more! All of our Christian camp facilities are equipped for girls to have a safe and fun adventure and try something new this summer!

Interested in having your daughter attend the best Christian camp near South Carolina? Contact Camp Merri-Mac at (828)-669-8766!