Today the girls of Camp Merri-Mac awoke to the bugle playing Reveille and started to clean their cabins.  However, the girls who were on the Solo 13 had to hike down from the shelter before they could start to help their cabins with chores.  Upon arriving at breakfast, they noticed that today had been declared “America Monday” by the Sunnysiders.  Shortly after, the girls in Sunnyside and Cloud Nine left for their trip.  Since the Sunnysiders were gone, the girls in Dreams End and Dreams Begin got to lead songs at breakfast, chapel, lunch, and dinner.

The girls all walked to chapel together and sang the very fun “Banana Song” and then some more peaceful songs like “How He Loves” and the camp psalm.  Then they got to go to their classes for the day!  Girls in cooking made breads while girls in DIY crafts worked on cross-stitching.  In Lake Doris, kayakers worked on T-rescues and hip snaps, and swimmers worked on streamlines and treading water.  Farther up the hill, the girls walked puppies in PAWS and faced their fears in mountain biking, and campers worked on bars in tennis, guitar, archery, riflery, basketball, climbing, gymnastics, and camp craft.
For lunch, we feasted on meatball subs, and some girls ate as many as 13 meatballs, which warranted announcements to the whole camp in Tucker Inn.  Dinner was fajitas with oreo churros for dessert, which again was cause for celebration.  After dinner, each cabin did its own activity for cabin night.  These activities included swimming in Lake Doris, playing lazer tag, raiding Trading Post, and playing paintball.  Now the girls are snug in their beds, preparing for taps after wonderful cabin devotions, and it has been just another ordinary day at Camp Merri-Mac.
Audrey Ellis
Proud Seminole
Comet Counselor