Today is the day that the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Today, as is done every Sunday here at Merri-Mac, all of the campers got up and put their whites on and the staff awoke and put their staff shirts on: this is a sweet tradition here at Merri-Mac and is also a great day for pictures. The girls got to sleep in an extra hour because, hey, a little extra rest never hurts, right? After this, chores began. After about 40 minutes, the cabins were in tip top shape and the ladies set out to venture through another day in an amazing place.

The first event they attended was breakfast where they ate cinnamon roles, cereal, or yogurt. They also sang sweet Sunday morning songs and then headed to the chapel for some more singing and a Bible message delivered by the girls from Milky Way. They brought a message from Daniel 6:26-27 about God and His enduring love. After this the girls set off for some free time before they headed to the activities that were offered today.

I had the privilege of  taking pictures today and even had a buddy from the Tweedles tag along with me this morning: her name is Emily, and she kindly asked the girls from Rainbow to sing their cabin song for her, and so they did so with quite a bit of enthusiasm. They really are role models for those that are younger than they are. We had morning activities and then evening activities, and between the two the girls had some good ‘ol fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and mini apple turnovers for lunch. Tweedle Doe shared some learning experiences they have had during this time. These included having learned two point on a horse, how to make a horse jump over a bucket, and that Jesus got arrested when he really didn’t do anything wrong. What great news it is to hear what some of our girls have learned over the week of camp that they have had thus far.

Today’s activities included diving, rifelry (in which Julianna R. earned her silver), an intense fencing tournament, chorus and dance (whom were preparing for liberal arts night), an enthusiastic Zumba class led by our very own Princess, Anne Dillon L., basketball (in which some girls earned their bronzes), volleyball, an outstanding climbing tournament, guitar (in which Morgan B. earned her gold in today), archery, cooking, free swim (which was so popular that we maximized the amount of girls we could hold safely in the lake), and there was even a couple of sand castles built today. A lot of the girls also played gaga ball and tether ball today as they had an afternoon to choose activities to do today.

Rest hour today was an hour long, so you may be getting some letters soon parents. We also had trading post at the beginning of free time. After free time ended, we headed to dinner, which was a cookout and we had hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, chips, and cookies. Your children miss you and can’t wait to see you again, but they are also having a lot of fun! Now were headed to Vespers. Check out Facebook to see some funny skits later tonight!


Counselor Caitlin