Reveille was heard throughout the camp this morning as campers hopped out of their beds and began their daily chores. As campers run down the hill to a breakfast of french toast and sausage, they realize that this Saturday is unlike all of the other days here at Merri-Mac. Today is tribefest. A whole day filled with tribal activities, rather then the girls normal schedule of various camp activities. After breakfast, a wonderful chapel was led by Arianna J. about how we are enough because Jesus is enough. Songs such as “let my light shine bright” and “on Jordan’s Stormy Banks.” echoed throughout the mountains.

After chapel, the day began. Tribefest begins with what we call swimfest. Girls would compete in a swimming competition for their tribe. Many girls put on their swimsuits and everyone headed down to Lake Dorris. Girls swam in a variety of events, including a life vest relay, a staff relay, and a tribal leader relay. After a loud and cheerful competition, Choctaw was declared the winner of the first tribal activity of the day. As swimfest ended, an announcement was made that tribal trash pickup had begun. Girls can get points for their tribe by wandering around camp and picking up as many pieces of trash as they can and then delivering it back to their tribal leaders.

From tribal trash pick up we all headed to the tucker inn for lunch. A delicious meal of meatball subs and pasta salad was devoured by hungry campers, followed by the chanting and stomping of tribal cheers. The girls regained all their lost energy with a one hour rest hour and then sprinted down the hill to trading post. Battle ball was the next event for the day and everyone headed to The Mike. Tribes were separated into age groups and the battle began. Two tribes played battle ball (dodgeball) at a time. Laughter and cheering was all that could be heard as the girls showed their tribal pride. After battle ball, everyone was ready for dinner and ran down to fill up on a scrumptious meal. Evening activity was a game of tribal trivia in which every girl could show her strengths throughout the variety of categories. After a long day of cheering and smiles girls headed up to  their cabins and fell asleep to the sounds of nature outside their windows and dreamt about what incredible memories lie ahead in the days to come


Choctaw tribe dominates

Big Dipper counselor

roll tide

Jessica Goldman