Another beautiful day at Merri-Mac started with a delicious breakfast in the Tucker Inn followed by chapel lead by Becca V. I began my day by starting at 1st period gymnastics where girls are working diligently to earn their bronze. I made my way down to team sports. Soccer was beginning to work on basic skills and bars as well as volleyball. Backpacking treated themselves to delicious s’mores while learning how to cook over a fire. Over at Riding, beginners were learning how to walk around the ring and more advanced riders were working on bars. Over at pottery, were many girls were doing there coil pinch pots in order to earn their bronze.

Over on the Patti-O, all the girls in knitting were working on headbands and scarves. Cooking was beginning their chili cook off. Each period creates there own chili recipe and certain staff members will be judging to pick the best chili. The girls were given the items needed for chili but with no recipe so they made it all themselves. I hope it went well. Next I wandered over to fencing where I watched Audrey Goddard earn her silver. Then I went to archery where many girls picked up the bow for the first time while the others have been working on bars and shooting for years.

After this everyone was out of classes for a little bit of free time and then off to lunch. Pizza! A camp favorite for our girls was for lunch today. It was always a favorite of mine when I was a camper. Dessert was homemade rice crispy treats, and they were amazing. Third period, I started on the dock where I watched first year camper Sydney H. get her wet exit in kayaking and Morgan P. get her roll. Canoeing worked on basic skills and perfected their strokes. I visited gymnastics again where Anna C. successfully complete and ariel, which she has been working on for 3 years. I ventured to archery and then to riflery where girls were shooting and working for bars.

My last stop for the day was puppy camp. A fun, loving activity that everyone at camp has come to love. We took them for a walk and gave them treats. After Dinner, tribes divided for gold rush, an exhilarating favorite evening activity at camp where campers find gold scattered around camp. Today was an absolutely wonderful day here at Merri-Mac. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… especially to find out who won gold rush!


Proud Seminole,

Hailey Howsare