This morning the sun rose to reveal another mystical day in the land of Merri-Mac. Campers sat up in the bunks as counselors pranced around, attempting to get their sleepy girls to begin their morning chores. Eventually, the cabins were spotless and campers moseyed down the hill to chow down on a yummy breakfast complete with hashbrowns, eggs, and biscuits. After chapel and free time, campers embarked on a day filled with friends and adventure in their classes. Some of those highlights included some riders jumping their horses for the first time, a super intense game of kayaking waterpolo (water polo played in kayaks), and a chili cookoff in cooking class. After dinner, all of camp gathered around the teepee to celebrate commendations and promotions earned by their fellow cabinmates and friends. This is a special time for campers and staff because it gives us an opportunity to recognize growth in our campers in a very tangible way. We are proud of all of our campers, but we are especially thankful to have the opportunity to celebrate some milestones met by our campers as they received promotions and commendations this evening.


Camper Commendations


Kate R., Louisa dB., Eliza D., Kaci M., Hillary R., Emily S., Abby S., Ruthann S., Jade B., Carly P.,  Victoria F., Idalia dB., Elyce D., Alice A., Katherine W., Kristen P., Zofia C., Anna M., Leah Cate B., Shelby C., Prentice A., Lindsay J., Edie B., Emma J., Stewart Anne M., Isabel E., Shane O’S., Hadley C., Katherine Faye N., Anna C., Betsy J., Katie M., Julia P., Lizzie B., Millie M., Anna B., Katie F., Caroline C., Juliana R., Ava F., Kate S., Ryan S., Sophia H., Emily R., Madeline H., Alex H., Merrill L.


Counselor Commendations


Lucy V., Greer H., Eva B., Amelia L., Ava B., Lucy L., Jade B., Mary R., Anna Grace S., Kate S., Betsy B., Zofia C., Natalia R., Shelby C., Ava H., Casey C., Laken T., Maddy P., Hannah W., Eleanor D., Sophie B., Rachel C., Mary Avrett B., Mary Julia G., Allison F., Mary Elizabeth B., Morgan P., Hannah K., Anna B., Katie F., Ava F., Morgan B., Bianca B., Eliza D., Ellie H., Meghan M., Isabella B., Lila B.





Anabel D., Katie R., Elizabeth W., Greer H., Lucie R., Pearce W., Olivia R., Maya N., Lucy V., Louisa dB., Layla M., Emily S., Avery G., Mary Clayton S.



Amelia D., Nora B., Emily S., Ryan S., Mary Richard E.



Eva B., Eliza D., Amelia L., Eliza D., Molly G., Kaci M.



Hallie B., Lucy L., Ruthann S., Sarah Caulley S., Hastings W., Audrey G., Carly P., Zofia C., Sarah W., Morgan R., Laken T., Mary R., Anna Grace S., Ashton G., Sarah R., Olivia R., Abby A., Audrey H.


Crazy Creek:

Tess B., Shelby C., Sydney M., Casey C., Avery F.


Running Deer:

Sophia H., Swayze W., Anna B., Ava F., Kate S., Emily E., Krissy S, Merrill L., Katie F., Sarah B., Betsy J.


Red Tail:

Sophia H., Merrill L., Isabeau C., Sarah K., Lizzie B., Emily R., Alex H., Ava F., Isabel E., Mary Elizabeth B.


Junior Feather

Sang-Mi L.


White Feather

Anna B.


After the White Feather ceremony, Merri-Mac divided into cabin areas for Division Night. Within the Senior Hill cabins (Sunnyside, Cloud Nine, Sundrop, Dreams Begin, Dreams End, Rainbow, Big Dipper and Moonmist), campers split up into two teams to debut a new game called Pirate Ball. The game consists of treasure hunting, fencing battles, canoe water polo and inner tube water polo in an attempt to score points for their teams. Though competition was fierce, smiles could be found on all of the “pirates’” faces. The intermediate cabins (Stardust, Milky Way, Comet, Little Dipper, and Blue Heaven) split into teams and drafted gold fish to compete in an intense series of Gold Fish Races. The girls gathered around gutters and cheered on their gold fish to the finish line. Blue Heaven’s thoroughbred gold fish took the cake in tonight’s tournament. Finally, the junior campers (Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Doe, Tweedle Dum, and Sunspot) headed to Mackey’s Green for a fun night of slip n’ sliding. Overall, division night was a hit. Laughter and joy echoed through the mountains as the girls headed with the counselors back to the cabins for showers and cabin time. With that, the campers nestled in their beds to get some necessary rest after another exciting, action packed day at camp.


From this Haven,

Elizabeth “EP” Powell

Cabin Area Director

Go ‘Noles