What a beautiful day at camp Merri-Mac! We had such a fun day of role switching between the counselors and the Sunnyside and Dreams cabins yesterday, and even more fun as we celebrated everyone’s talents at the Fine Arts Night showcase, the “Merrimacademy Awards.” Counselors Sydney and Josie MC’d the event, dressing in hilarious costumes and making everyone laugh with their skits and songs. There were performances by girls of all ages: a skit written by Alex H., a few dances by the girls in Dance class, a poem read by Isabella B., and some beautiful songs sung by the girls in Chorus. Overall, it was a wonderful night, and everyone had a blast!

The Sunnyside and Dreams girls were ready to get back to their regular activities and resume their roles as campers in the morning. We started off the day right with sausage and egg biscuits and some fun songs at breakfast. We then moved on to a wonderful chapel with some Merri-Mac song classics and a talk led by Adam.

Between chapel and first period, I caught some Tweedles and their counselor hanging out in the hammocks outside their cabin–one of their favorite free time activities!

At the bugle for first period, I headed over to knitting where the girls were continuing their work on their scarves and headbands. Many of them were working diligently to finish their projects this week, and others have begun finger-knitting projects! I then stopped by cooking, where they were making delicious blueberry scones with lemon icing. They even let me try one! Yum! Next I made my way over to the Enchanted Barn to see what everyone was making in DIY crafts. I was excited to see that they were continuing to work on their collage journals, complete with magazine cutouts, lace, patterned paper, and more!

In pottery, Lila B. and Madeline H. were working hard on the wheel to earn their silver bar, and the other girls were picking out fun colors to glaze their beautiful pinch pots! I was so excited to head over to the fencing pavilion next, because Mary Clayton S. and Anna Grace S. were dueling for the first time! It was a really close match, and they both did such a great job! On guard!

In guitar, all the girls were practicing hard to learn fun songs like “Wagon Wheel” and “Riptide.” They were having so much fun helping each other along, and I saw a lot of girls helping their friends work towards their bronze bars! Mairin M. and Sang-Mi L. got their gold bars today! Congrats!

Next, I headed over to Lake Doris to see what Kayaking and diving were up to. All the kayakers were playing an intense game of paddleball—it looked so fun! The divers were working on back dives and pike dives, and Kate S. got her bronze bar today!

For lunch, we had taco in a bag—a camp favorite, for sure! We sang some fun tribe songs and found out that the evening activity would be Cabin Night! All the campers were so excited, and continued to beg their counselors to tell them what secret activities they had planned for the evening as everyone headed off to rest hour.

After all the campers rushed to Trading Post to get their favorite snacks, afternoon activities began again. The sun decided to show itself after a menacingly cloudy morning, and it turned into a gorgeous day!

Some of the afternoon highlights include: many girls earning their bronze in dance, girls working hard for bars in gymnastics, swimmers working on their backstroke over at the lake, and fun climbing activities at the Upper Tower!

Overall, it was another great day at Merri-Mac, and everyone is excited for Cabin Night! Check out Facebook for some fun pictures from the day!


In Him,

Katie Terrell, Proud Tweedle Dum Counselor