Another great day at Merri-Mac to add to the books
Every girl displayed a grin and very joyful looks
A camp favorite for breakfast; yes, circle eggs
“Can I please have seconds?” each camper begs
Then off to chapel where “Who is Jesus?” was learned
Followed by tribal trash pickup, so the banner can be earned
An hour of free time spent playing in the creek
What a way to enjoy session 3A’s final week
A bugle rings for class to start and each girl must run
Off to fencing, guitar, or canoeing in the sun
In gymnastics everyone worked on their stretching
And in lacrosse there were many balls to be fetching
In fitness, the class ran several laps
Yes, they are tired and will be asleep before taps
Pottery shaped and molded their clay
Cooking was thrilled for chicken taco day
Backpacking roasted s’mores on the fire
And a scrimmage in soccer came down to the wire
Taco in a bag is what was devoured for lunch
Adding in toppings with fritos and making a crunch
Princess party practice took place to rehearse the play
Tomorrow we will find out the theme and honor CIT Amelia Gay!
Reading and writing was done during rest hour
Followed by trading post with treats sweet and sour
This afternoon was spent in more classes
Growth through friends and adventure was achieved by the masses
Kayaking practiced and perfected their rolls
Archery hit bullseyes and exceeded their goals
Swimming worked hard to improve their four strokes
Rifelry saved targets to mail home to their folks
Tonights evening activity; my favorite for sure
The Great Escape: a scavenger hunt all tribes must endure
The winning tribe is the first to ring the bell
Followed by cheering and a victory yell
Another day at Merri-Mac gone and away
But back up on Wednesday for more chances to play
Whats in store for tomorrow? Its a surprise; we must wait
Just one more reason of why #campisgreat

From this Haven
Anna Moon
Tweedle Doe Counselor (Best cabin)
Volleyball Instructor (Best activity)
Proud Choctaw (Best tribe)