At the sound of reveille this morning, girls were springing out of bed to get a jump on the day. Why? It’s arguably one of the best days of camp; princess party. A few days back, all of the cabins voted for a princess who would get to play a role in Amelia’s skit for the night. These girls slaved away all day, memorizing lines and choreography to ensure a smooth performance tonight. After we got the cabins all clean, we headed to Tucker Inn for an even bigger surprise; BAKED OATMEAL. The girls who have been here before were all starting to wonder if it even existed anymore, and this morning, we got our answer. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Chapel was absolutely wonderful with the sound of our voices alone. No instruments were to be heard all over camp as we sang “Pharaoh, Pharaoh,” and “How He Loves Us.” Caitlyn Conyers gave us a great message on the question “What does God require of us?” She pulled from Jeremiah 29:13, which tells us that all He requires is that we seek Him out daily. We all mulled this over as we headed to our activities. Over in Archery, Bailey S was working towards her silver bar, pulling back about seventy pounds of resistance on her bow. Sarah Kate E was also very determined to get her silver in riflery! The paws class was also having a great day, frolicking in the sun despite the heat. On the lower side of the hill, in knitting, the girls were keeping cool on the Patti-O. There were several headbands in the works. As soon as the cooking kitchen door opened, the sweet aroma of cherry and chocolate chip muffins wafted out, tantalizing many of those sitting just outside. To top it off, they also made smoothies to wash the muffins down with.

Lunch was a true blessing, comprised of both mini corn dogs, mac & cheese, and tribal switch day. At lunch, we sing the songs of our tribes, but today, we sang songs from other tribes, replacing words to make them our own. Rest time was accompanied by some much needed rain, for it had become almost too hot to bear. Luckily, it slacked off just in time for free period. Trading post was crazy busy as per usual, but there were a significant number of campers who decided that naps were higher on the priority list than candy.

It was a very peaceful afternoon in fitness today, where they were doing yoga to the sound of the second rainstorm. Pottery seemed fairly placid as well, as girls were finishing up their pots before time to leave. Preparations for closing have started, and as the girls chanted earlier, “we’re not leaving!” O, that camp could last forever. After fourth period, the girls were able to put on their best dresses for the princess party. They came down to dinner looking so very beautiful, ready to bask in the glow of all of Amelia’s hard work. We’re ready to close out the day with an evening devotional, and do it all again tomorrow in a million different ways. That’s all folks!

Counselor Taryn