It was a “merri” day here at Merri-Mac. After cleaning the cabins the girls ran down to Tucker Inn to enjoy a breakfast of eggs, bacon ,and biscuits.  Once breakfast was over the girls went to Chapel where Davie B. gave an inspiring message on how Jesus came to save us while we were still weak and in sin. The key verse for today was Romans 5:6-8.

In the activities today everyone was giving it their all. The girls in Cooking were learning how to make fish tacos and tortillas. While Swing was the dance of choice in the Lodge today,the girls in Diving where learning falling and tuck dives. In Puppy Camp today the girls to the puppies to Lake Doris and taught them how to swim. The air was filled with giggles and water. Later the girls helped to give the puppies their afternoon bath, Anna B. from SunSpot cabin was very excited about this activity. Today at lunch all of camp learned that it was in fact Christmas Eve!!! Carols could be heard all over camp as the girls enjoyed their afternoon activities. In Pottery the young ladies worked on pendants for necklaces and pinch pots. Madeline H., one of our SunnySiders, finished making a complete replica of her hand.  Camp-Craft was busy learning the proper knots to hang a tarp. The campers in Volley Ball today were very eager to work on bars. Rachel D. another one of our SunnySiders, helped the girls in Fencing practice lunges and perrys. Dinner went by quickly as the ladies where very excited for the evening to begin.

Now they are all in their cabins working away on Christmas gifts for each and patiently awaiting Christmas morning!


Caroline D.