What a beautiful, bright and sunny day it was here at Merri-Mac! Today was the last day of classes for most of the girls and overall, the last day for a lot of things. Some campers have left, and it has been very bittersweet to see them head off after an amazing first session. The girls packed in the morning and then headed off to breakfast. On a normal day, we would have chapel in the the chapel, but because of it being the last day, Sunnysiders hold a tradition where they are the ones in charge of chapel and it is held on the beautiful lake Doris. There was a lot of singing and tears and in the end, a little laughter when the Sunnysiders jumped in the water as part of the tradition. After that, classes were held as usual.

I am so honored to have gotten the opportunity to walk around camp during classes to see everything else that goes on. As a climbing instructor, I never get the opportunity to leave the traverse wall or tower so it was nice to see other classes in action. Also, having the camera in hand meant that I was in charge of capturing moments and boy was that a treat. The girls love to get their pictures taken and and want to show off in their activity when the camera is around. After two full periods, the girls headed back up to their cabin to continue packing.

For lunch, we ate two of my favorite things- pizza and s’more pockets. If you don’t know what s’more pockets are, you will once your girls are back at home and start to request them. Basically, it’s a s’more without the mess and hassle. Trust me when I say that they are amazing! Usually after lunch, we head back up to the cabins and take some time to rest. However, since tomorrow is our closing day, we had to practice our closing ceremony. It was hard to sit there and think about how in less than a day, majority of these girls will be gone. Practicing made it seem a lot more real and I know tomorrow will be a hard day for the everyone. At the same time, I know it will also be a beautiful day.

For the last two periods, I visited guitar class, knitting, cooking, kayaking, climbing and archery. I even managed to get some shots of the girls riding horses around camp, the puppies being walked and girls playing volleyball. Before dinner, I walked around on the back porch and managed to capture some beautiful smiles. I also got the opportunity to sit back and reflect on how amazing camp is and how blessed we all are to be here.

Tonight, we have our last white feather ceremony as well as lakeside. As a first year counselor, some of this stuff is still a tad confusing, but I’m slowly catching on! What I do know is that lakeside is a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears, singing and candles. I am excited to be part of this and I am even more excited to be part of the white feather ceremony and see girls get recognized for their achievements here at camp. You should be proud!

White Feather Ceremony Awards:

Tumbleweed: Kate R.

Groundhog: Amelia D, Lucy V.

Badger: Eva B, Ava B, Eliza D, Ryan S, Eilza D, Emily S, Isabel D.

Bear: Kindle H.

Arrow: Rainy F, Katherine W, Hallie B, Riley C, Anna D, Victoria F, Bella T, Coco N, Abby S, Jade B, Nikki B, Aaliyah D, Idalia B, Carly L, Lynley T.

Crazy Creek: Ava H, Kate S, Katherine W, Lindsay J, Mary Raines A, Mary R, Riley C, Caroline B, Besty B, Leah Cate B, Kathryn N, Caroline R, Mary A.

Long Bow: Allie W, Shelby C.

Running Deer: Kathryn U, Elise Seabrook B, Hadley C, Elizabeth C, Courtney H, Katherine P, Hannah W, Olivia L, Bianca B, Carysn K, Madison B, Emma B, Kathryn C, Natalie C, Stewart Anne M, Sophie B, Shelby Grace J, Lucy M, Molly K.

Red Tail: Lucie F, Betsy J, Claire C, Lila B, Olivia J, Audrey S, Nicole C, Lizzie C, Katherine M, Allie M, Katherine Faye N, Ellie H.

Junior Feather: Ellie H, Emily R, Rachel D, Julia P, Meghan M, Morgan B, Ashlynn K.

White Feather: Sydney B, Mary Catherine C, Madeline H.


Counselor Commendations: Lucy V, Eva B, Kindle H, Emily S, Amelia L, Lynley T, Victoria F, Abby S, Kathryn N, Mary Raines A, Alice A, Hastings W, Katherine W, Kate S, Leah Cate B, Audrey H, Ava H, Mattie B, Sydney H, Julia Clair A, Katherine Faye N, Hadley C, Ann Gardiner H, Elizabeth C, Claire C, Mary Elizabeth B, Sarah B, Emily E, Mary Julia G, Marley D, Morgan B, Lucy M, Eliza D, Madison B, Sydney B, Swayze W, Rigby P.

Camper Commendations: Elizabeth W, Eva B, Kindle H, Greer H, Kaci M, Emily S, Hillary R, Eliza K, Lynley T, Ruthann S, Eve Q, Coco N, Mary R, Kathryn N, Mary Raines A, Bella T, Kristen P, Katherine W, Caroline B, Anna M, Prenctice A, Shelby C, Leah C, Laken T, Shelby Grace J, Edie B, Kathryn U, Stewart Anne M, Sophie B, Isabel E, Molly K, Lauren S, Lizzie B, Claire C, Katie M, Millie M, Juilia P, Izzy O, Olivia J, Ashlynn K, Aislinn F, Eiley M, Anna C, Amelia D, Meghan M, Sydney B, Madeline H, Rachel D.

Electives: Hallie B, Nettie P, Betsy B, Maddy P, Isabel E, Avery S, Elizabeth C, Morgan P, Allison F, Julia P, Katie M, Natalie C, Olivia L, Sarah B, Lizzie B, Mary Elizabeth B, Betsy J, Nicole C, Lucie F, Ava F, Isabeau C, Meghan R, Ashleynn K, Juliana R, Kate S, Sydney A, Christine T, Meghan M, Mary Catherine C, Sydney B, Madeline H, Isabella B, Grace E.


God bless,

Maria Navarro

Dreams Begin