Today has been a day we will all remember for a very long time. It started with the all time favorite breakfast of baked oatmeal, and only got better from there. Chapel was great this morning, because we sang “Spring Up O Well,” complete with hand motions. We also sang “In Christ Alone” and “Blessed Be Your Name.” We had a message from Becca G, who answered the question of who is man? She posited that we refuse help, because we think that we can do it by ourselves. Psalm 46:1 tells us that God is our help, and that he can help us when we don’t measure up.

The strumming of the guitars could be heard on Senior Hill, while the singing from the chapel could be heard from the dock. In archery, there were several girls shooting for bars at distances of anywhere from 15 to 40. Among those on the firing line were Bailey S, Maeve H, and Kennedi. Lunch was the climax of excitement, because after some delicious pizza, the impossible happened! Adam gave the announcement that an eagle had landed on the waterskiing boat earlier today, carrying a very special message from Camp Rockmont! The entire room went bananas before Adam even had the words out of his mouth. Indeed, the men of Rockmont had invited us for a night of frivolity and dancing. Shower schedules were announced, and the girls headed of to a not-so-restful rest time. They were far too excited for the upcoming dance! What would they wear? All of the contemplation was not in vain, however, for they came down to dinner looking like angels. The dance is sure to be a blast, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store!

Counselor Taryn