It was a day full of excitement that started off with a breakfast hike going out. While the hikers were out and about, the rest of Camp Merri-Mac ate biscuits, eggs, and potato slices and then made their way to chapel. After chapel, the girls had some free time in which most of them used to spend some time in their cabins. They played cards, had dance parties, sat and chatted, and some even read books.

When activities started, the girls were working on some successes as various activities had girls working on higher bars. The girls who were not working on theses also, however, had blasts as they learned new skills, trained puppies to sit, jumped on trampolines, climbed, dove, fenced for some of the first times in their lives, and shot goals or targets of various types. The lake was full of action as the girls dove, trained, and tipped over their kayaks.

After first and second period of activities the ladies spent some time waiting for lunch to be served. When the bell for Tucker Inn rang the ladies rushed in with their usual excitement for food and were intrigued to find our they got to eat chicken sandwiches and french fries. What they were most ecstatic for, however, were the s’more pockets that were served for dessert- the well awaited dessert that sparks the interest of most anyone who has not heard of it.

Our amazing young women then headed to rest hour to have some time to relax before headed to trading post. After trading post some of them relaxed, some played games, and some Sunny-siders ran the Tomahawk Trail. No matter what they used their time for though, one thing is for sure, they did break a sweat. They then headed out for their afternoon activities (third and fourth period) where they created, challenged, and learned new skills. Merri-Mac even debuted their first mock leading session in climbing where the girls were fully supported but got to learn how to lead a climb with slack and everything. That was a very exciting activity to see.


A little later the girls went down to dinner for spaghetti and meatballs and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Elizabeth O also made sure to announce that “although we [the staff] may have let you down earlier today, we will no longer. Please tuck in your shirts because it is, indeed, Tucker Inn Tuesday.”  Therefore we all tucked in our shirts and at the end of dinner celebrated about four birthdays.

Thanks for reading our daily article. Were headed off to hobby night tonight so check out the pictures and just know that you have great daughters.