It seemed to be just another Merri-Mac Monday, but when reveille went off at 7 AM this morning, the girls were awoken with a surprise: their counselors for the day were the lovely ladies of Dreams and Sunnyside. Staff Appreciation Day was in full swing, and our oldest campers were ready to take on the day as staff members.

After filling up on French toast and bacon, and celebrating a beautiful day with songs and worship in chapel (Olivia C. leading on her guitar), everyone headed off to their 1st period class. In pottery, the girls began glazing their hand-made masterpieces to be fired in the kiln, with Caroline M. and Katherine H. as teachers for the day. In DIY Crafts, campers worked on their cross-stitching and friendship bracelets with the help of Ellie P., Abby K., and Alex K. Across the road, sweet aromas were coming from the cooking kitchen where Elizabeth W. and Caroline C. were helping the girls bake homemade scones.

In backpacking, Gracie Rae H., Abby B., and Zena D., led the class in building a fire and making s’mores. The lacrosse girls worked on their bars today with the help of Vivian G., Olivia Faith D., and Caroline W. In gymnastics, Joelle S. watched over a class of tumbling, bouncing, and flipping campers who were also perfecting their skills for their next bar. In the chapel, the chorus girls were practicing for their performances tonight at the MerriMacademy Awards with the help of Alli T. and Holland T. Up the hill at Puppy Camp, Mary Laci M. and Mary P. chased our puppies around and held them down while campers helped with bath time.

In riflery, Kate T. and Lindsay H. helped the girls with shooting, and Georgia S. and Vanessa D. did the same in Archery. Climbing was at the Upper Tower today with Grace B., Emily K., and Caitlin M., on belay. Basketball was full of fun and games today, thanks to Savy S. and Shay A. who led a very intense game of Basketball Red Light Green Light.

After lunch, we had quite a rainy afternoon here at camp, but the fun in activities did not cease! In knitting, the girls rocked in rocking chairs on the patio while finishing their various scarves and headbands with Allie Y. nearby to help. Lake Doris was lonely this afternoon due to the stormy weather, but across the water sheltered under the chapel, music and singing echoed through camp while the girls of kayaking, swimming, and canoeing, held a wild dance party.

As the rain finally subsided, the girls headed down the hill to dinner and preparations began for the long anticipated MerriMacademy Awards. The girls floated up the path to the Mike in their best attire ready to meet the paparazzi and spend the evening enjoying a talent show complete with a variety of acts put on by our very own campers. It’s safe to say that Staff Appreciation Day was a success, and that it was a very merri day here at Merri-Mac.

Peace out girl scouts,

Ashlynn Tierney


Seminole Pride