This morning, the girls woke up to a great surprise. They had been allowed to sleep in for an extra hour, and woke up only when staff members came around with donuts and glad tidings for “Random Donut Day”. After supposedly being cancelled, we learned that the long awaited Tribefest would be held today. After eating as many donuts as our stomachs could handle, we headed off to Sunnyside chapel down by the lake. Each girl read a Bible verse or favorite quote they felt would inspire the younger campers. Afterwards, they all jumped in the lake, fully clothed, and sang their cabin song for one of the last times.

A camp favorite, we played tribal trash pickup to initiate what was sure to be a great day. After making camp a cleaner place, we headed to tribal trivia in the Tucker Inn, which consisted of stretching our minds and dance parties. Next on the list of perpetual fun was battle ball for older campers, and sock war for the younger ones. Both were full of spirit and a blast simply to be around.

After lunch and trading post, we played a new game to camp; pirate ball. Have your girls explain it when they get home tomorrow; it’s sure to be a new favorite! After dinner, we honored campers through our White Feather Ceremony. The awards were:

Camper Commendations: Mia S, Olivia R, Bryce P, Ava W, Esmeralda S, Molly R, Eliza Dunn T, Abby S, Blake D, Maggie S, Caroline D, Everly H, Elizabeth W, Margaret H, Kate S, Kate W, Molly M, Bryce M, Lizzie H, Emma S, Ansley B, Matilde V, Evan P, Katie B, Patterson G, Carolyn C, Mae H, Lucy B, Bailie S, Eleanor P, Corrina G, Marianna S, Georgia S, Caroline W, Holland T, Lindsey H, Nora Q, Mary Emma W, Morgan G, Kate T, Vannessa D, Juliette A, and Julia B.

Counselor Commendations: Grace M, Loy H, Turner C, Katherine E, Callie S, Bennett P, Cate L, Jayne Beth M, Amy W, Addison K, Sarah P, Annabel R, Katherine M, Lydia W, Marin G, Morgan S, Ava W, Gretchen N, Savannah L, Olivia W, Ella Lee C, Molly F, Maddy P, Emma C, Vivian R, Tallulah B, Iasbela F, Ella T, Drake M, Kate B, Caroline H, Brooke R, Savanna S, Joelle S, Holland T, Abby B, Nora Q, Julia S, Mary Laci M, Caroline C, Zena D, and Alex K.

White Feather:

Ground Hog: Esmeralda S, Katherine Grace M, Olivia R, Ava W, Turner C, Loy H, Bennett P, and Mia S.

Arrow: Amanda J, Sarah P, Blake D, Mary Emma W, Caroline D, Lindsay J, Molly M, Kate S, Nora Q, Vivian R, Amy W, Maggie S, Emma D, Marin G, Cate L, Jayne Beth M, and Eliza Dunn T.

Crazy Creek: Kate H, Alexa L, Nora Q, Morgan S, and Katherine M.

Long Bow: Claire H, Lizzie H, and Savannah L.

Running Deer: Caroline H, Grace A, Isabela F, Amelia L, Mary P, Alexandra W, Drake M, Carolyn C, Mae H, Sabrina O, and Sarah R.

Red Tail: Julia B, Caroline H, Patterson G, Holland T, Vanessa D, Shay A, Joelle S, and Margaret Anne W.

Junior Feather: Juliette A, Kate T, and Lindsey H.

White Feather: Morgan G and Mary Laci M.


It’s hard to say goodbye to camp and the friends we have made here, and as we head to final campfire, we begin to daydream about next summer.

Counselor Taryn