Rainbow Counselor & Tennis Instructor: Molly Calloway
Rainbow Counselor & Tennis Instructor Molly Calloway

We are very happy to announce that many of our counselors from Summer 2015 will be returning again for our upcoming summer at Camp Merri-Mac!  While many others will also be joining our staff, as of now these are some of the wonderful, talented and passionate women who will be around next summer to love and serve your daughters!

Anna Moon

Robyn Newcomb

Amy Jameson

Elizabeth Olvey

Anna Laura Cranford

Hannah Christanbury

Lainey Goodwill

Lauren Barbay

Becca Morris

Libby Robinson

Anna Potts

Audrey Ellis

Molly Calloway

Morgan McGowan

Davie Boone

We are thankful for this great foundation of a staff for next summer!