We were with a group of friends the other day trying to explain the camp princess. We described the song, humming a few verses. We explained the party, with everyone dressed in their camp best with flowers and thrones and escorts. We even talked about our relationships with their families and how princess alumni come to visit and how we name our camp dogs after them. None of it seemed to help until one of us said that camp was a place where all of this made sense. At that point they all nodded, agreeing that there are things about their own lives that only make sense from the inside. They understood that there was no understanding without being in the middle of it, without being part of the story. Details are usually like that. They only make sense in the context of a larger story. We love the story at camp. The first part is that friends matter. There is nothing more fun than making new friends, and there is not much that is more important. God has made us to be together and camp is a place where it is easy to do that. The next part of the story is that risks are rewarded. Whether a girl is learning to roll a kayak or scheming capture the flag she is committing to a plan that could go either way. And at the end of every camp day she will be ready to try it again. Finally, the story at camp is about having fun.

We are supposed to die very old with lots of laugh lines. Kids know this and they listen best to people who know it too. The powerful part is that all great stories last; they build muscle memory. As girls learn to make friends, take meaningful risks and have fun at camp it becomes easier to do the same thing at home. Finally, when they do it every summer, year after year, it becomes a habit. Thank you for letting your girls be a part of our story at camp.

And by way of shameless advertising – we want you to be a part of the story to – so join us for the Mother Daughter weekend!  From This Haven…

Adam and Ann