Today was an exciting and relaxing Sunday here at camp. The day started out with revile at 8am, an hour later than normal, giving the girls a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Breakfast was a camp favorite meal of cinnamon rolls and assorted bagels with cream cheese. Morning Chapel this morning featured a skit and important message by the entire cabin of Moonmist. They presented an entertaining show while delivering the idea that God heals us.

During morning free time, lots of activities were taking place all around camp so that girls could pick and choose what they wanted to do. Girls in climbing classes were invited to spend their morning at the upper tower on Spencer’s Green. There they worked on their bronze, silver and gold bars by climbing the tower, climbing the boulder and by working on knots. Girls also came to fencing class to participate in a tournament and work on their bars in that class. Some campers decided to spend time with their cabinmates by playing tetherball, coloring flowers or playing Connect Four.

Lunch was a Sunday classic meal of fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and garlic biscuits. The health bar featured wild rice, fish and creamy butternut squash soup. After eating their dessert of apple turnovers, campers headed up to their cabins for an extra long rest time. This hour of rest was super relaxing for campers and counselors alike, giving them time for nap taking, letter writing and book reading. After taking this much needed rest time, girls rushed down to Tray-Po with the sound of the bugle per usual.

There were lots of things going on in the afternoon during free time as well. Rush L. held an intense lacrosse tournament in order to earn her gold bar in that class. The pink team an the blue team battled it out, eventually resulting in a fun game and a victory. After the tournament was over, Tweedle campers headed to that same large field to have fun on a Slip ‘N Slide their counselors set up for them. A majority of the camp headed over to the lake at some point in the afternoon for free swim. Campers were given the opportunity to dive of the diving board, jump onto the blob and slip down the waterslide. The small cabin of Sunspot celebrated one of the girl’s birthdays by baking chocolate chip cookies in the cooking kitchen with the help of their counselors.

For dinner, girls lined up outside near the volleyball courts to receive a normal Sunday dinner of burgers of hotdogs with fries, watermelon and cookies. After a great meal, everyone moved to the chapel for the evening activity called “Vespers”. Vespers is a mix of singing fun songs and watching the counselors act in funny skits for the campers. The night ends with everyone singing chapel songs and a message from a counselor or camp director. After Vespers, all the girls headed to their cabins to do post-evening activities and to get some rest. Everyone enjoyed having such a restful Sunday, but they sure are ready to get back to their daily classes tomorrow!

Mattie Yerxa

Moonmist Counselor

Go Seminoles!