So what do you say when your friend asks what type of camp your daughter goes to?  It may be easiest to answer by contrast.  A soccer camp specializes in teaching soccer through skilled instructors.  They are great at that, and soccer players should go.  A traditional camp specializes in growth through friends and adventure. 

When campers live together week after week, summer after summer, they form a special type of friendship – they create a sisterhood, and that type of friendship builds an easy confidence.  Think of the smile on your face the last time you discovered an unexpected friendship. 

Second, girls need confidence, and they get that through a sense of adventure and the courage to explore things that are new and exciting.  Think of the smile on your face the last time you succeeded at something you were not sure you could do.   When girls do that, and when they get good at it, they develop resilience. That is what makes a girl go for a long hike to a remarkable place, or play outside rather than go to the mall.  It is also what makes them start a business, or work hard to get in a better school.

Growth through friends and adventure.   

Adam Boyd