Today wasn’t any ordinary day at Merri-Mac; it was Sunday. The greatest thing about Sunday is that it is a day meant for resting. The girls get to wake up an hour later than usual and don’t have to worry about what to wear that day. They all get to wear their whites.

It was such a beautiful scene walking down to breakfast with the girls in their pristine whites ready to celebrate the Sabbath. After breakfast we have Chapel. On Sundays Chapel is a little different too. We sing more worship songs and a cabin is in charge of the bible story. Milky Way cabin got to do it this time and they did a great job of making the story of Jonah and the Whale come to life.

The rest of the morning is very relaxing. Some girls practiced the activities that were open, such as; climbing, basketball, diving, and guitar. Everyone else painted nails, talked in cabins, and even got to see the puppies walk around camp! After lunch was free swim. The blob and slide were a favorite among the girls. With the sound of Thor-guard the girls rushed out of the water and to their cabins. Even though free swim was cut short the girls had fun playing games in their cabins.

Dinner started and we all enjoyed hamburgers with fresh watermelon and cookies. The cabins Dreams Begin, Dreams End, and Sunny Side all came down either dressed as an animal or a hunter. Tonight was the Sunny Side Dreams Prom. All week the Sunny Siders have been asking Dreams girls to the prom and tonight they get to have their dance party. But before that happened everyone went to Vespers, a fun version of Chapel with funny skits, upbeat songs, and a great message at the end. 

The girls will soon be off to bed to dream about the adventures they’ll have tomorrow and the friendships that will keep on growing. As the summer wraps up the thought of all the girls leaving saddens the staff, but we thank you for sharing your girls with us this summer. Merri-Mac would not be the great camp it is without your daughters being apart of it.

From this Haven,

Shea Van Alstyne

Milky Way councilor