After a wonderful extra hour of sleep this morning we skipped, hopped, and jumped down the hill to tasty cinnamon rolls. We sang beautiful songs praising God and his wonderful creation at the end of breakfast and at chapel. Sunnyside gave a spectacular chapel about Joseph and his multicolor coat. With a lunch of fried chicken and a cookout dinner every camper feels great American pride! The morning was full of tennis, basketball, gaga ball, and soccer tournaments for some; and tether ball games, working on bars, attempting to create one match fires, and relaxing with friends for others. Big Dipper took a cabin trip to the Boyd’s to swim in their pool, while Tweedle Dum ventured in Craggy Gardens for a beautiful picnic lunch. The afternoon began after an hour-long rest hour, with trading post and hours of free swim (including blobbing, kayaking, and sliding down the water slide). Sunnyside topped off a wonderful day playing paintball! At vespers, our very own Black Mountain Oysters led fun, pop songs between skits put on by counselors and chapel songs before the sermon.

Emily Kibbe

Big Dipper Counselor

Satisfied Seminole