The campers seemed to have leapt out of bed this morning when the bugle went off, ready for a day full of excitement and growth. The girls enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, sausage and biscuits. After breakfast, Anna M. gave a wonderful chapel talk about how Jesus heals us from the inside out and we read from Matthew 8. Afterwards campers headed to their tribe meetings to practice chants and new songs.

There were some exciting trips that went out today–climbing, white water rafting, water skiing and backpacking. In our classes we perfected our technique and learned new skills. In cooking the girls used the grills to make their own personal pizzas. Kelsey W. said she loved using all the different kinds of cheese as her pizza topping. In canoeing the girls swamped and un-swamped canoes and even flipped one over to use as a slide. In backpacking we learned how to properly filter water and made hot chocolate with a camp stove.

At lunch the girls were very enthusiastic because we had a camp favorite, chicken nuggets and fries. We then settled down for a bit to have some rest time and then ran down the hill as fast as we could to get trading post when the bugle rang.

We had lots of fun in our 3rd and 4th period classes this afternoon. This evening we had ravioli with garlic bread for dinner. Evening activity was a pajama and ice cream party… we had a blast! Tonight we will wrap up the day with our cabins and get ready for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow is Sunday, which means sleeping in an hour, wearing our whites and spending the day out of activities so we can rest and enjoy each others company.

From this haven,

Amy Jameson