Our mission at camp is to help girls grow through friends and adventure. One of the biggest ways we see growth is through the continuity of girls returning to camp each summer. It’s amazing how much growth and change we get to see during a session over one summer – but it’s even more amazing to see the growth that happens over 5 summers! We get to see girls master skills, become independent, make lasting friendships, and develop leadership qualities. We get to see them try new things, grow in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus, and be adventurous in our beautiful mountains.

We also love seeing our staff return each summer. These counselors are heavily invested in camp and in our mission. They are excited to play a big role in that continuity of growth and are looking forward to seeing all the girls this summer!

Here is a list of our staff who will be back again for another great summer!


Chapel Darley

Sydney Belt

Bonnie Gibson

Kristie Garren

Becca Morris

Zena Davis

Hunter Willis

Mills Thumser

Margaret Patton

Lila Beavers

Hannah Lancaster

Grace Evans

Bailey Allen

Ellie Hinton

Molly Callaway

Julia Schmitt

Abby Baird

Lucie Christian

Lucie Fumagalli

Mary Catherine Camacho

Sherill Brantley

Anna Moon

Libby Robinson

Laura McCoy

Sarah English Coggins

Hannah Griffin

Molly Kathryn Cornelius

Morgan Barbay

Meghan Rigby

Julia Cappiello

Rush Lee


Stay tuned to meet our amazing new staff who are joining our team in May!