Today has been a busy day at camp filled with laughter, hugs and goodbyes. This morning after breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits, all of Merri-Mac gathered together on the back green for Friendship Circle. As the girls joined hands and sang “All My Life’s A Circle”, “From This Haven,” and “Shades of Evening,” we remembered the amazing two weeks we shared at camp and the great friends we made along the way. After, there were hugs all around as we said goodbye to our 1A campers.


As girls were reunited with their families, campers who are staying four weeks continued on with classes. Ellie F. had a blast in volleyball for her first two periods. While Pearce W., Tarver G., and Greer H. had a relaxing yoga class on Pippin Hill. Soon all our lovely 1A girls were making the safe journey back home, and camp currently feels very empty without them. But don’t worry! We are already preparing for our 1B girls to come tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited.


After a delicious lunch of BLTs and fruit, we had an hour-long rest hour that gave everyone some much needed rest. Then there was the rush to Trading Post for an afternoon snack. Later in the afternoon, free swim commenced which included lots of blobbing and paddle boarding.


Tonight we are excited for a delicious dinner of spaghetti and preparing for our new campers to come tomorrow. It was a blessing to have had an amazing last two weeks, and we can’t wait for another two filled with singing, the mountains, and adorable smiling faces.


From this Haven,

Rush L.

Up Yonder

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